BHK Amplifier Tube Query

Do the PS Audio BHK Signature pre-amp and BHK 250 power amp use same specification tubes?

I suspect the tubes in my BHK 250 are spent and the only other tubes I have on hand are spares from my old BHK Signature pre-amp which I no longer own. Comparing the tubes from both amps, they both have the same pins, but am unsure if they share the same voltage. Are they interchangeable?

The BHK250 uses 6 volt tubes. The preamp comes with 12 volt tubes but can be strapped to use 6 volt tubes. Unless you have done that and are using 6 volt tubes in the preamp than no they are not interchangeable.

Thank you.

I use 7308 tubes in my BHK Pre and my BHK 300’s. It’s merely a jumper setting in the preamp. It’s very easy to do.