Is the p5 good enough for 2 bhk 300

Hi there,

I’ve just recently completed a listening room build (will expand on that thread in a few days I promise) I’ve had to expand on the power amplification in that room…

So I ordered the bhk 300. They should be delivered in a few days.

Meantime, I borrowed the classe CT 600 from a friend, and the p5 keeps shutting down due to power overload

I can hardly listen to any music before the p5 shuts down.

The total power draw while the amps are on is 60 pct. Is the p5 malfunctioning or is there too much power being drawn…whoxh leads to my. Original question
… Will this p5 handles 2 bhk 300…

At least a P20 for the pair of BHK300s. They can use a lot of current according to several posts in this forum.

The 60 percent you see is only the steady state load, but the instantaneous current surges required for music peaks cannot be delivered by the P5.


What’s bothering me is that the p5 shuts down without any music being played. I understand that musical passages may draw more current than this may be able to handle.

But it’s shutting down while the amps are on but not playing.

Does that sound like a malfunctioning p5? Or that the classe ct600 draw more current than these can handle while idling?

The CT-600 mono’s are too much amp for that device as are the 300’s so your options ultimately are to buy a bigger Power Plant or plug the 300’s into the wall.

Thank you for writing…

I’m curious. This could be considered normal behavior that the CT draws enough current from the p5 IN IDLE STATE, that the p5 trips?

Is the P5 getting hot to the touch? That’s the easiest way to determine constant power draw (other than the front panel metering system).

If not, and it doesn’t sound like it, I would suspect some intermittent power issues on the incoming AC.

No, that is not normal behavior. I think there’s something else going on.

Thanks Paul… That’s what I would think also. Ac is coming from a ups so gonna change that out and see.

Having said that, would these run the bhk 300?

I do not think so. Two BHK 300s would really be pushing a P5.

Yes, REMOVE the UPS! That’s likely your problem. A P5 will supply a pretty low average listening level before it goes over 50% average utilization so that’s not really “running” the BHK300’s.

It is as simple as the VA delivery of the P5 has to equal or exceed the VA delivery of TWO BHK300’s, plus everything else you plug-in to the P5.

One BHK 300 draws;
850 VA @ 8-ohms
1600 VA @4-ohms

A P20 can suppy 2000 VA with a 20A delivery circuit. If your speakers are 8-ohms, you are JUST able to fully utilize a set of BHK300’s with no headrom for other components. 4-ohms nominal means you’ll need TWO to really get the job done with SEPARATE 20A wall circuits. The 15A IEC plug / 15A wall circuit won’t get the power you need.

The UPS does make me a little nervous and could be what we can blame here for the P5’s behavior. Paul’s right, if you can feel that the P5 is pretty hot, it’s certainly possible that it’s thermal shut down.

As for plugging the BHK 300s into the P5, you could MAYBE get away with it, but I don’t recommend it. I would want to do the amps justice and give them the headroom they deserve. The last thing you want is to be really rockin out and have the P5 shut down because the amps are pulling too much current.

I would plug all of your gear except the 300’s into the P5 and then find something like a Shunyata Denali 2000 or similar to plug the amps into but get the UPS out of the way as it’s not needed with the P5 for surge.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the informative responses.

The purpose for the ups is that Karachi has HORRIBLE electricity, so I have plugged in a 3kva online ups to give my electronics a basic level of surge and brown out protection. And, truly, so far it has served me well.

I will take it out and see also, but so far, I have not had the current draws that would tax either the ups or the p5.

With the bhk coming, this now becomes a whole different story.

One thing is for certain though. Since I switched out the ups for another (I suspect he first one had gotten damaged during my room construction) the behavior has gone away.

However, at decent volumes, I’m drawing close to 95 pct of the p5 with the classe. That’s one bass drum kick away from thermal shut down. So will definitely be plugging the bhk into the wall for now to see.

Can NOT afford a p20 at this stage… Let alone two.

Thanks once again guys!

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Happy to help! The UPS makes total sense if the incoming power is a bit dodgy. Definitely stinks that you need it in your hifi system. Keep us posted how things go with the new amps, I’m sure you’re getting excited!