Bridge-2 Beta Team. Please Read

I’m a little confused as to what happened here. About a month ago Paul said contact him direct about being a Beta tester for the Bridge II. I did that, he said I was on the list. Cool. Now a thread gets started where you have to (re)sign up. Damn. The worst part, I didn’t see the thread until four days after initial posting. Too late to sign up. So how much longer do we have to wait for a gapless Bridge? It sure has been a long time …

I suspect Paul, like me, kept a list of people who told him they would be interested in beta testing the Bridge. At least for me, my list was just that - a list of interested people. :slight_smile: I also noted who I thought would be a good tester, based on their posts to the forum, equipment used, etc.

We shared out lists and came up with a group which I am certain will do a great job, a job which can be both fun and incredibly frustrating.

Looking forward to it’s completion. I’d rather use the board slot in the DSD than something connected with a cable. I’m looking for Auralic Aries like capabilities though and hoping that’s what you’re aiming for.

Most Aries capabilities will most likely be met in the Bridge outboard version (e.g. 2xDSD), but I leave this for others to comment.

Afraid I must agree. Paul already indicated the internal Bridge II will not do DSD 2x. But that may not be the key driver for most.

It would not be for either . My umt plus does not either . It’s why I got into a server. But still once the bridge is setup and working fine it’s a cool way to play our music . As I had a bridge it was cool from the iPad to control it.

I would like to know why it does not. Do DSd 128 just curious many do not. I wonder why .


al, Paul say the Bridge II was not designed with DSD128 in mind. Also say if I’m right, it will never suport it. cry

I know and I figured that before it was told to me. I missed my delivery of the bridge it will be back today. If not I’ll pick up myself at fed x at airport tonight. As my own UMT plus does not do,it and it will never do it. I figured there must be a big Reason why. I was just wondering why in a simple for dummy answer . I have been using the DS all week daily and have a good est bead on it .

I will Do as the group instructs regarding testing and methods. I am strictly hesadphones as of now. But top shelf ones.

Is anyone going to post the systems we are using as a thought it might help understand people sound views ?

Just s thought not a must have. And sound is ways off .


Not saying there is no difference from 64 to 128. There seems to be but its minimal most times. Using an iPad to pint and click play is much more to me right now.


I am one of the Bridge II beta testers, and received my Bridge II yesterday. Has anyone posted the required firmware for the DS to see the new board? It’s likely that I missed something. Can someone PM me the link to the firmware :-) Hoping to get some testing done tonight after the kids go to bed.

Go tongue link from Paul on install. It lists the firmwares for da and the pwd2

mid not post agin as I andriving and I’ll on you

Hands on the wheel, Al, hands on the wheel!

wglenn said Hands on the wheel, Al, hands on the wheel!

I don’t have any link from Paul on install - nor do I have access to a Beta group forum (likely my profile is incorrect as I do not see any Beta group…

Can someone PM or email me a link --> or set up my profile correctly (if that is the issue) :-)


Da wife was driving. We just bought a new piano for my son for Xmas. And that we on my iPhone 6 plus. I really have to read before I hit send !!!

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What an awesome gift!

He is eight years old , he plays piano and a trumpet . Many other sports activities. We try to enrich his life anyway we can . The gift of music is on top with education for me.



But how do you get a real piano on an iPhone 6 Plus?

And a great gift indeed.

Hahahhah. I actually did play many of the models to get a better sounding unit. Some do sound pretty good . Not real but not electronic . It sounds like a good recording. But not as good as our hi end stuff we have.

He gets lessons once a week with a real upright piano. I cannot wait to see his face Christmas morning my wife an I are all amid up for it.


I have same issue, so please PM me if you have instructions how to install Bridge II Beta. Don’t have access to Beta group forum.