Beta Testing Snowmass Replacement


Have you guys started to keep a signup list for volunteers to beta test the NEXT mountaintop after Snowmass?

If so, sign me up.


Me too :slight_smile:

I’m still running on Snowmass Beta.
Count me in.

Thanks. We’ll see. We might just use our in house beta team or go to our community. I have been discussing and we will keep you up to date. We had a bit of a setback because a bug was found and now we have to go back and redo all the compilations again. Sigh.
I can tell you that what we had was amazing, and we’ll get it back again soon.


I didn’t know there were any Beta testing on firmware updates. Does that mean there can be changes on the firmware from the feedback? I love Beta testing things. I’m joining in the group.

I appreciate your thorough testing pre-release. Get that YETI after those bugs…
Stomp 'em out.

Count me in for beta testing!

Take your time. No rush.

I’d want to join the beta test team too.

If PS Audio wants a Beta group they will let people know. No one is keeping a list of volunteers.

Thanks Elk. It’s in the nature of the volunteers: they / we volunteer anyway… :wink:

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When I remember the last beta test phase I’d understand if PSA would never use user beta groups again. I don’t remember exactly why, but that this was my conclusion :wink:

Because you guys didn’t find the 50% volume bug. :smile:


Remember, with software, “there’s always one more bug”!

The 50% bug is an easy one, admit it.
Unplug the ethernet cable after the upgrade, bang, you found it.

I was happy with my investment in DS way, way before Snowmass. All these upgrades are to me like dividends I did not count on ; So I guess I can wait till October [despite the little red LED on my card reader with formatted SD indicating impatience …]