Bridge II not work


Today I received the PWD mk2 with Bridge 2 installed. I purchase it at eBay, according the previous owner device is new and was purchased recently from PS audio dealer.

The problem is the Bridge 2 doesn’t work. After power on PWD and initializing I can open Bridge properties, but I can’t configure Ethernet or Wi Fi connections because the buttons in this menu seems not work correctly. In most cases I click on buttons and nothing happens. Sometimes the buttons work but when I try to make fixed IP config on Ethernet connection it occasional drop to after entering one value or two. Or you can see “Not connected” in the IP address field. Link diodes at Ethernet socket blink green and yellow as normal. Wi Fi setup doesn’t work also.

Firmware version 2.9.1
Bootloader 1.12
Bridge 2 firmware version 1.2.1 (visible in Bridge menu)

What can be done in this situation? Other inputs of PWD seems work normally. Does the Bridge is broken? How I can reset the bridge or PWD? Where I can find the latest firmware for Bridge 2 in PWD mk2, I can’t find it in download section.


You have the latest PWD code. The latest bridgeII code can be downloaded from the front panel of the DAC, but the network must be up and running. Try enabling DHCP and see if that helps you.

Another thing you can try is recalibrating the display screen. Power the DAC off with the power switch on the back, then push in the LOGO button while turn the power switch back on. Then touch the numbers in order to calibrate the screen.


It is not possible. DHCP is running on my router, but the Bridge say no network connection. Wi if setup also not configurable.

Is there any way to reset the bridge or pwd?

It seems that the problem is not in the screen sensitivity. Another inputs of the pwd works well and no problem with click on element on the screen. The problem only occurs in the bridge setup menu.

BridgeII does not support WifI, it is in the menu from Bridge I. You should be able to go to the LAN menu and enable DHCP. Just Prees the DKCP button until it turn green, and go back to the main menu.


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