Bridge II update?


@paul, I thought bridge update would come out along with Snowmass release.


Paul posted this morning in another thread that a Bridge II update will be pushed out later today.


Me too. Should happen today.


Paul, hello. Please tell us when to wait firmware for the Bridge II.
Sorry to bother you.


I’m wondering about the Bridge update as well. If it was released yesterday I’ll need to troubleshoot as my software shows up to date at 3.5.1.

If it was not released, please let us know so we don’t waste hours looking for something that isn’t there.

Thanks in advance.


I got a little problem with snowmass and bridge software 3.5.1 No covers…and the time bar is not running when there is no cover presented. Only a reset switch off / on helps. But after a few covers it stops and the time bar stops it says 0:00 However the music plays and that is the most important thing. Hope it will work fine, the new bridge software with snowmass,



That happens to me too. My DS is on Snowmass and Bridge firmware 3.5.1. I use Roon and mConnect to choose songs from a NAS drive. They play via the Bridge II card on the DS.

First power up, then “initializing,” then I have cover art and the time bar works. But a few songs later, the time bar freezes and no more cover art. Power-cycling the DS results in the same behavior. I hope this gets fixed soon, since hardly ever experienced it with Red Cloud.

But I can’t deny the fact that Snowmass does sound better. :smiley:


I see version 3.6.2 and the cover art does seem to work almost all of the time. No real problem here, but still curious if this is the latest version, or will there be another recent version that I would need to update?


For those who still have loaded the 3.6.2 beta release, no update shows up. Is there a link to install with Mconnect?


My DS with the Bridge II shows firmware version 3.6.2. What is the version I should have and how could l get it? Can anybody give me some advice?


I must admit to being a bit confused too. I have 3.6.2 on mine but have never loaded a beta version. Have always waited for the Bridge to update itself. Has the new update been released yet and if so what is the version number?


On the PS Audio website in version 3.6.2 is discontinued, not beta.

Here with DS after an upgrade to Snowmass it went on to show the covers, fixing the Bridge II firmware update bug a few months ago.


As of 8 PM ET, my Snowmass-loaded DS is showing the Bridge II firmware is up-to-date with v3.5.1. Hence, I don’t think the Bridge II firmware update has been pushed out, yet.


The same here with a 3.6.2 at the moment (23 hours here in Brazil) and working very well !!!

I thought they might have fixed the bug in Bridge with the release of Snowmass, but no.

Maybe just restarting a DS firmware has fixed bug 3.6.2.


I’m confused here because it was 3.5.1 that was pulled by PS Audio. My Beta of Snowmass got me 3.6.2 which is also the higher number. So it’s a later release. 3.6.2 is working fine for me. It takes some time to get art but it shows up. My card was clean so it didn’t have a history to draw on.


Actually, it was 3.6.2 that was pulled, leaving 3.5.1 as the latest official release. If your DS is showing 3.6.2 after installing Snowmass then I think that means you had 3.6.2 prior to Snowmass (as I had 3.5.1 installed pre-Snowmass and it was still there after updating to Snowmass).


Correct. There is no Bridge II software in the Snowmass release.


@Bootzilla - yes because you commented on my 3.6.2 on SAT… this is easy… when PSA updates the bridge II you will walk over to your PSA DS DAC and it will tell you if your bridge II needs updating. If you are in a panic you can look at the website. I like to look at this as a long term adventure… like the hare and the tortuous… i have modulated my expectations for the long run and have been pleasantly surprised as opposed to thoroughly annoyed… :slight_smile:


@Paul There must be some other reason why Bridge update has not been released yet? Sorry for bugging you on this everyday. :slight_smile:


The latest on the Bridge is we’ll launch the new version today (Wednesday).