Bridge II with Jriver MC24 Mac version

Do I need to install any Bridge II driver for Mac to have MC24 recognized Bridge II?

I run JRMC 24.X on my iMac and use JRemote as my controller. I do not recall any special drivers. I do seem to recall having to run through the DNLA set up again to make sure everything was hunky dory when I updated the Bridge II software. I hope this helps.


No special drivers are required for Macs with any version of JRMC (or almost any other program). It uses the built-in Core Audio. You will need to configure JRMC for the Bridge, of course, as with any player.


@stevem2 Thanks a lot for the hint. I just setup DLNA properly. I did recall there was a “PS Audio USB Audio 2 Output” option from my MC 22 when I connected Mac to DS with a USB cable. Do you know how to obtain that option?


@scotte1 Thanks a lot. One more question. In “Encoding”, you select DSD or double DSD or Quad DSD?

Thank you!

“DOP” is the only setting acronym of relevance I am aware of. But I don’t have a lot of DSD material.

I believe there is a good help board linked to the JRMC software. You should be able to uncover some help there. Sorry not more helpful… Maybe someone else will chime in.

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Try Tools/Options/Audio/Audio Device

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I think that may be to set JRMC to convert formats. I don’t do any conversions. I just set Bitstreaming to Yes to get DSD to work.

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I user JRemote version 3.25. This morning I have setup access key in JRemote and it worked well for once, no connection then after several trial. What might be wrong?

For what it’s worth, I found earlier versions of JRMC and/or Bridge I to be pretty unstable. I never ID’d the culprit dropping the connection. In general (don’t know all of your network details), once you have configured JRMC for the DAC and Bridge, I was only able to address issues with connections by shutting down power to ALL of the parts and pieces (from computer to router to modem to switches to DAC); and then powering everything back up in order: Computer and JRMC first, followed by all of the network components upstream of the DAC, starting with the modem/router and working forward to the DAC (powering it on last). Hope this helps… Also, keep in mind that the DAC/Bridge takes longer than I think it should to “handshake” with the network. So, give it 5-10 minutes after powering up the DAC, before you throw up your hands. Sometimes one more reboot of JRMC after all of the above was required. Finally, consider updating the JRMC software to latest version. It might make a difference. Networks are all different; so my fingers are crossed :crossed_fingers:.

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Thanks a lot for feedback. I found if I powered up Mac first, then DS, Jremote often in good working order.