Bridge losing static IP Address

I have had my Bridge II card in my DSD lose it’s Static IP Address a few times. My system is running and then the IP Address somehow is gone. Everything is rest to

Anyone seen this before? I’m running the latest firmware.

Just a work around; however, try assigning the bridge a static IP through your router and the DSD’s MAC address. I’m pretty sure just about every router has a setup page for this.

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It should be assigned at the router. My router logs the MAC address when it assigns the IP address.

Thanks but I’m not asking how to have my router/DHCP server assign a certain IP Address to my bridge card. I know that is an option.

My issue is I manually assigned my bridge card an IP Address. Have never had a problem with my bridge card loosing it’s IP Address until recently. It is as if my bridge card reset itself. My Bridge Card is set for Static IP Addressing not DHCP so it should never loose it’s IP Address.

I understand that your bridge is losing it’s IP address and I can’t help there. A loss of power could do that. But your router decides on the IP address not the bridge even if you’ve assigned it in the bridge. DHCP will conceivably write to that IP address if it isn’t on the list of reserved addresses.

Scootch across the carpet in your socks and touch it. That should restore the static ; )

Or maybe that was how it happened in the first place…:man_shrugging:t2:

@watchdog507 My Bridge is not set for DHCP so it does not request an IP Address from my router. My Bridge is static assigned with IP Address My router’s DHCP pool is set to dish out IP Address - If you code a device for Static IP Addressing the router/dhcp server isn’t part of the process of IP Address assignment because the bridge will not request an IP Address because it is manually assigned.

Now I know a workaround is to either go DHCP or manually code my router to serve up a set IP Address to my bridge’s MAC.

LOL this could be the reason.