Bridge option gone on my PWD mk.2

Suddenly i can not see my bridge 1 as an option on my dac. Anyone knows how to get it back. Tried restart and so on but nothing helps. Its totally gone as an input option…

Also try restarting the router, switche(s), and access point(s) before powering the PWT back on.

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Thanks, Tried that now but still no Bridge…:roll_eyes:

How is a re-initialized done? Have the same problem…

Turn off your DAC using the rear power switch and unplug it for a bit. Then power it up again.

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Switched unit off with main switch on rear panel

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Thanks, tried that before but suddenly it worked now doing that… Bridge is still gone and doesn´t show up in display…

I have had similar issues in the past with my DS Sr. Thankfully, those days of random miscommunication (or lack thereof) between the network and the Bridge card seem to be behind me. (Knock on wood.)

That said, there is a bit of a science (or maybe its superstition because it worked?) to getting these pieces of network kit to talk to each other again. My “proven” method:

  1. Turn off the power AND unplug ALL networked kit in your audio chain. If it has an ethernet or other digital cable attached to the network that feeds your Bridge/DAC, turn it off an unplug it. Leave everything powered down for at least 90 seconds.

  2. Check all of your digital cables and make sure they are seated properly. I usually unplug all of them and plug them back in.

  3. Power up your networked kit one black box at a time in sequence (this is important). Start with plugging in and turning on the most upstream component in the HI-Fi network (usually the modem/router) and work your way down the line to the DAC/Bridge. In my experience it was important to make sure the modem/router was fully rebooted before moving to the next piece of kit, and so on.

This “system”/rain dance works for me.


Good luck to you.



I don’t know if the PWD MK II has a bridge reset function but, if it does, please be sure to press the appropriate button as well at the end of the reboot process.



Nice procedure. Making sure to pull the plugs out of the wall and wait for the caps to discharge is probably the most important part.