DSD Sr. Bridge II disappeared

My DSD Sr. suddenly not show up in ROON. I couldnot see or choose Bridge as Input in main screen.

I have tried to upgrade DSD firmware to Sunlight, cannot fix.

I have check all LAN cable, router… everything is OK.

Please help.


Welcome to the forum.

Can you give us a photo of the screen after pressing the ‘Setup’ icon?

Here you are, Mike.

And the LED in Bridge LAN Connector still Light and bliking.

Sorry about that Let me get you some help on Monday.


If I could suggest something that has worked for me in the past.

Shut down the DAC using the rear switch. Wait 30 seconds then turn it on again from the rear switch. It should reappear again on your network within a few seconds.

Thanks Paul. I was just clarifying my instructions to go to the Bridge II configuration page when I saw your reply.
You’re now in good hands. :blush:

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Thanks Joe, this is the first thing I tried but not work. I also tried to remove the Bridge card, and re-install, not work.

You’re welcome – sorry it didn’t work. Unless someone else on the Forum knows guess it’s a call/e-mail to PS Audio. Hope it’s something that can be fixed from your end and doesn’t have to be sent to them.