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How often do you power cycle the PWD because the bridge no longer plays. When the bridge stops playing I switch to the usb/Touch and everything is working. I reboot/power cycle using the switch on the back of the PWD and everything is great, music again plays from the bridge. For me this happens about every two weeks. Not that it matters but I use my system daily for about three hours. So does anyone experience the bridge stop playing?

Usually when the Bridge locks up you can open the Bridge’s web page and select [Reset UPnP Server] which is the last of the Networking Options list on the main page. This gets the Bridge playing about 95% of the time without having to power cycle the PWD. Sometimes I have to reset twice, and sometimes I still have to power cycle the PWD.


I will give that a try next time the bridge acts up…thanks

J.P. Just how often does your bridge lock up?

Not very often these days, but it still does occasionally. I think that the biggest improvement came with thw 0.2.13 firmware. I think that Dennis has a handle on one cause and hopefully this should improve more whenever 0.2.15 comes out. I don’t know if they even have plans for that yet, but I am sure that it will happen eventually.


In my case the front panel locks up and it no longer plays music.

I just power cycle the unit. As a guess it happens about once every second to third day. It can happen when I switch from the USB to Bridge inputs or (more infrequently) when MediaCenter starts a new album.


Hmm…just about never…but webpage first. Sometimes unplugging the ethernet cable and putting it back in a few seconds later will help. I often find the bridge is not the problem but something else in the chain has lost track of the plot - eg, the router needs to be reset, or JRMC was acting up.

My PWD will freeze nearly every time I change inputs from USB to the bridge when there is already something being played on the bridge. If nothing is being sent to the bridge then it is fine. I run 2.02 and 2.13c.

My hi res file will freeze either eLyrics or jRiver after playing for a while, no music playing from PWD at all. Sometimes switch back to redbook file it plays. I don’t know if its PWD freeze? I power cycle PWD and restart the players, then it is ok again…I run 2.03 and 0.2.2 still

Let me check with Dennis and Bob and see if there’s a fix for this.

We believe this was fixed with 2.20

It is not a bridge probelm, it is a DAC issue. And it should be fixed in 2.20

If you are running with a PWD of the first series, can you use the 2.20 version as well? I thought this only for the newer types with a different display?


Thus far, all firmwares are compatible with all older models. I would expect that should this ever change that PS Audio would clearly state what hardware was not compatible with the new firmware.

The other direction does not work though. Some newer hardware revisions require firmware of at least a certain version or higher in order to work properly. With the PWD there are two stages: first some time around the beginning of 2012 PS Audio started using a different display module that requires the use of 2.1.0 or later firmware. Second, some time late in 2012 a new analog board revision entered production that (as I remember) requires firmware version 2.2.0 or later to function properly.


When using the Bridge, I did not have any problems with lock-ups – none at all. I have the latest firmware installed.

I did, however, switch to another stream receiver (MiND) to get gapless playback. That does not lock up either.

Well, I’m running 2.2.0 and 2.14b and it does freeze up (as in the front panel locks up).

There was a suggestion that I return the bridge to see if it is the problem… Perhaps after the next round of PSA updates and such…

But the audible differences (between the bridge and USB) are sufficient for me to want to hold off for now.


That is a DAC issue not a bridge problem. So you still have the issue with 2.20? I can no longer reporduce it here.


While you are waiting you could try something that has worked for some.

**** Best to download FRESH sets of the firmwares first and save them on your desktop.

1/ turn off PWD and unplug the power cord,SD card, USB and anything attached.

2/ remove the bridge and carefully clean the contacts.

3/ reboot the pwd with NOTHING re-attached.

4/ clean the sd card and load a different version of the PWD firmware that you run currently.

5/ reboot PWD to install the “different” version.

6/ remove the sd card, clean it and load your preferred firmware [2.2.0]. Reboot PWD to install.

7/ turn off PWD and re-install Bridge. Reboot PWD with NO sd card. Bridge should install.

8/ install Bridge firmware [different version like with PWD] and reboot PWD. Then reinstall your preferred Bridge firmware [2.14b]. reboot PWD.

All this WITHOUT any cables connected EXCEPT ethernet in the last 2 Bridge installs if you need to use the Web page file installer.

Do a test now to see if there is no or less freezing of the front panel before connecting USB etc or the sd card.

Later you can clean the sd card and insert it “blank” into the DAC and it will rebuild cover art only on it’s own.

This has worked for some with “frozen” panels and also cured connection losses and drops.

Good Luck.


Gordon said: 2/ remove the bridge

Good point, actually.