Bridge won't connect with network anymore

Out of the blue it no longer wants to connect to my network. Using MconnectHD app and it can see everything else on my network, but not bridge. Has there been a recent firmware upgrade that may have thrown me a wrinkle?

No new updates that I’ve heard about. Probably a network issue. Did you try rebooting the DAC (back-panel on/off switch)? If that doesn’t do it, you might try rebooting your router, switches, server, and then the DAC (turning everything off first).

If I inadvertently reboot my switch the BridgeII is connected, I have to power cycle the DS after the switch is up before it will connect again.

I see what the issue is, the Ethernet connection into the bridge is dodgy. I have to move the cable around a little before it makes a connection. Going to see about a possible replacement.