Network Bridge Troubles

Does anyone know of a fix for the network bridge on my DirectStream DAC that suddenly stopped working? The bridge has disappeared from my network and after re-booting my router and the DAC there’s still no connection to the network. The setup screen shows all zeros. IP:
Gateway Primary DNS; 0.0.0. Secondary DNS;
DHCP; Is red

Anyone know of a fix or does the DAC w/Bridge have to go back to PS Audio for repair?

Was the router fully back after reboot and working again before you rebooted the DAC/Bridge?

Power off everything in the Ethernet signal chain. Off, not standby, in every case…

Then, reboot/repower each connected piece of kit one by one, starting with the kit furthest “upstream” and finishing with the DAC/Bridge.

Chances are there is a “handshake” problem somewhere on the network/in the signal chain….

My $0.02.

Good luck.


Something to perhaps try first. Make sure both ends of the Ethernet cable are secure. Remove and reseat each end. My router’s Ethernet connection flashes on the router end when there is a good connection.

Sorry to start at the beginning like this but it may be something as simple as a bad connection.

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Make sure to toggle DHCP green. Then I’d try to reset everything in the network chain. If after this you’re not getting a flashing light where the ethernet cable plugs in, that’s a bad sign.

Provided the Bridge II is still functional, Scottie’s solution is the correct one and that includes the control point (iPad, iPhone, etc.) It will require 10-15 minutes though and patience to let each piece of the chain fully stabilize before moving on to the next piece.

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…and a little “rain dance”, thrown in for good measure wouldn’t hurt.



Can you imagine the number of “rain dances” that will be needed if the Air Lens ever gets released.

Did another re-boot and this time it worked! Don’t know why it didn’t work the first time I re-booted everything. Thanks to all that replied to my post and offered help. I’m glad the fix didn’t involve sending the unit back to PS Audio.


Did you do the rain dance?


Glad you are good to go.

No rain dance, but it was a recent thunderstorm that made me think the bridge was fried.

Glad to learn that was not the case…


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Are you suggesting that ethernet is often a difficult connection to set up or maintain? My Bridge II, connected to my home network which includes a NAS and a couple of network switches, was plug and play and has been virtually trouble free. Setting up USB from a computer to the DS DAC was much more difficult.

No it’s not difficult to setup or maintain as long as you understand the basics. In certain parts of the country where thunderstorms are a part of daily life you can have momentary service interruptions of both the electrical and internet service that sometimes you may not even notice. Either one of these momentary interruptions can cause a loss of connection between internet based gear and the router that can usually be easily corrected by shutting everything down and re-booting one piece at a time from the router back to the control point. As just a point of maintenance I do this at least once a month anyway. Never had a problem with USB but I don’t have a computer anywhere in my streaming chain.

Thanks for the clarification!