PS Audio LED Logo

Comes in many colours! Lots of functions from dimming, flashing, strobe and more, fan boy fun for sure!


“Hi, my name is Jim, and I am a FanBoy of PS Audio…”


Can you buy these?

Yes! Here is the link:

Hey, Paul created a post in the Newsletter about the PS Audio LED!


If anyone is thinking about purchasing one of these, there’s a 20% off discount available currently (discount code “ENJOY”)


Just ordered one, and missed the promo code! :grin: There goes $8!

I contacted Joe at Grove Engravers and he said he would be glad to give you the 20% off discount that you missed!


Thank you for taking the time to contact him. He is really a nice guy. I will email him, refer to your note, and place a second order :smile: in case a friend likes mine.

Or just let the guy keep the $8. I doubt he’s making a fortune making these. We all know what happens when artisans aren’t supported…they stop making cool stuff.


Did you receive yours yet? Have you found a home for it?

Yep, he even made a post about it in the Sept. newsletter! (see a few posts above)

Thanks, I missed this.

That’s a good point. I kinda wanted one, but not really. Think I will order one anyway. Keep peeps employed.


You’re right. Anyway, I placed the second order online and told him to ship both in one go.

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I got one. I like supporting small businesses and people who have a passion for creating things. I just ordered a long USB cable so that I can have a few options on the location.


Just ordered one, they look awesome Thanks

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Finally took a picture of the PS Audio Lighted sign, M1200 in the pic also


Awesome. Thanks for sharing that with us.

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This is cool. What are those stabilizers you’re using on top of the M1200?