Can PS Audio Please Sell Merch? - I Will Buy a PS Audio T-Shirt and Hat

As a student my favorite t-shirt had a big classic campagnolo logo on it. Something like this:
Maybe one other person knew what it was.

If it were me I’d just have the wave logo no text. Nothing on the back.


The LV knock offs are affordable. The real ones not so much.

Did everyone receive the “Merch Table” email from Scott? Also on the Products dropdown
Some nice stuff if you want PSA swag


Now I can spin some Biggie in a Notorious BHK shirt.

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our neighbour (who works in healthcare) has a “Movicol” t shirt (she used to wear it for the gardening).

I would be highly amused to go out wearing a Movicol T short, I really should ask her if she can get me one!
But that’s just me…

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sounds like my kinda town :slight_smile:

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Got my “Audiophile” hat order in, and I think I will wear it next time I go play golf. :grin:


Never much liked the idea for being a walking billboard for any company