Can’t get it to download new firmware for P20

I’m going crazy trying to download new firmware for my P20. I’m using windows 10. First I’m clicking the download and a pop up window asks me if I want to open or save the download, I’m clicking save. Next I’m
Clicking the download in the download section and then clicking extract and an extract all pops up. I click the extract all and then it says released next to the download and under type now says file folder. I moved the download to removable disc memory card and put it in the P20 and turn the unit off in back and turned it back on and it just turns back on without downloading anything.

I just emailed you some files. Let me know if they work.

I am not a Windows person but be sure and remove the files from the folder before loading them onto the SD card. Make sure the SD card is clean. Inside the downloaded folder area several files. Place only these files onto the drive. Not the folder. Make sure you follow the directions on the download page.

I have included them for you here.

Quick start instructions for updating firmware via SD Card1. Click the red folder icon to download the zipped file

  1. Unzip the downloaded file (Windows instructions here) (On a Mac, just double click the zip file)
  2. Remove the individual files from the unzipped folder
  3. Copy the individual files to a clean SD card
  4. Place the SD card in the appropriate slot on the back of the unit (Gold pins facing up on all products except DMP and Regenerator products where they are face down)
  5. Turn off, then on, the rear panel power switch on your PS Audio unit
  6. The front panel PS Audio logo button should blink as the files are loading and the unit updating

What’s new in the firmware upgrade?

Yes, I am curious too.
What’s new ?

@John_H @Phil
Not a new release version from PS audio site the latest is 1.25 based on files in this version this is about 12 months old.

Perhaps the firmware was released so quietly that owners were not aware. My two P20’s info page show the following:

Bootloader: 1.13.00
Main: 0.01.23
Power meter: 0.21.00
Oscillator: 0.56.00
Web: 1.22.00

Thank you

According to my records, the last firmware update I performed was on 2019-04-22 with downloaded and unzipped files in a folder called “P20_P15_FWv.1.23”

Just now, I have successfully updated the firmware in both my P20s with downloaded and unzipped files in a folder called “PWR_15_20_125_Release”. My data screens now reads:

Bootloader: 1.13.00
Main: 0.01.25
Power meter: 0.21.00
Oscillator: 0.57.00
Web: 1.22.00

compiler date on the source was May 2019

Must admit PS audio do tend to drop these things out quietly and with no release notes that i am aware off

this version only fixes a bug in the where the meters stopped refreshing…

For the past year, with the older firmware, I had been experiencing a problem with the output wattage not jiving with the amperage calculation.

Today’s firmware update fixed it - perhaps it was the newer “oscillator” version?