Upgrade versions

Hi all. I have just bought a directstream dac with the bridge 1 card . I have to admit that I was a little disapointed comparing it to my chord quest and innuos phenix set up ( I have not figured out the bridge 2 networking yet ) I just download the windom software ( which was already installed) and have to say there was an improvement - dont ask why. Now the question. are there version of windom ? ie incremental updates ? it is not clear in the download area… is there just one version of the USB firmware or is this included in the windom package?

Last question. the unit seems quite warm on the right side. Is this normal?

Try to use USB or I2S inputs on the DirectStream, instead of the bridge (this also includes bridge 2). You will get better results. The bridge solution will not provide the highest audio quality for the DirectStream.

There were different version at one point, but I highly recommend using the version that’s on the site now. No, there is not a different version of USB specific code. The DAC does get decently warm, but shouldn’t be crazy. The PS is on the right side, but there shouldn’t be more than a few degree spread between the sides.