Cannot update Snowmass firmware on PWD upgraded to DSD


So today I installed the DSD upgrade kit from my PWD. So I put the SD card with the Snowmass 3.05 firmware with the DAC turned off. When I turned on, the standby ps audio logo front button started to blink really fast for 1 second and then it started initializing as if the sd card doesn’t exist. When the process finished, the touchscreen I see is the one that I always had (PWD1)

Anyone had the same issue ?

Thank you.


Did you first install the firmware that came with the upgrade kit?

Hello :slight_smile:

That is exactly the problem. When I put the sd card into the dac with the firmware that came with the upgrade kit and I turn on the dac, the standby logo button starts to blink very fast for 1 second. Then the dac starts the initializing process like always, it’s like it is not recognizing the sd card and therefore the new firmware.

So what I see in the touchscreen when the initializing process is completed is the menu like the PWD1

So, thanks to the Ps Audio crew I could fix the problem!!

I had to use a 2Gb SD card to update the firmware.

Thank you guys for everything!