DSD kit firmware update problem

Dear sir,

I just bought a DSD upgrade kit. The hardware is easy to install. However, the firmware cannot be updated. My previous mode is PWD MK1. Bootloader version is 1.02 and Firmware version is 1.07. Firstly, My PWD cannot support 4G SD card. So I used my 2G SD card. The logo light can blink. However, after the blinking had finished, the screen stopped at “INITIALZING”. The bar under the “INITIALZING” is full. I had waited over 2-3 hours. I also tried the firmware “11-061-91-1-FMC-09”. But it seems it does not work.

Call Alex at PS Audio, he should be able to get you going.


Dear sir,

Will it be a solution?

I put the PWD Mk1 back to the case and update the firmware(PWD) to the newest one. And then put DSD into the case and update DSD firmware.


I had emailed to Mr. Alex. Waiting for reply.