Check out these guys

Best wishes


Ugly goofy looking speakers, designer must have been on lsd or some such…


They are awful looking. Hopefully they sound bad too.


That’s cool. “Hi fi” speakers designed with zero regard to the enclosure they’re in :sweat_smile:

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Who’ll be the lucky dad to receive a pair as a gift?

If I had to guess, at a glance, it appears to be someones idea of advertising speaker drivers and not actual speakers. Computers can take us a long way, but some things are better left unexplored.

Ugly is relative…it can get worse…


I guess these geniuses don’t have a clue about center to center distances of drivers. Welcome to comb filtering nirvana :man_facepalming:

Ugly ugly… only their mama might love them…

A new speaker category has just been born… :sound: :trumpet: :trumpet:

The Ugly Speaker category… :grin:

Best wishes

At each Hifi show I think there are too many geniuses around in this business.

Imagine such folks would manufacture tennis rackets or cars.

One of them looks like a bug eyed ugly chihuahua…
Probably sounds as nasty :grin:

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