Chesky HIFI Collective FREE Download - Opinions?

Steve Guttenberg describes a new free download from Chesky that uses his new, proprietary processing system. I am listening to the headphone mixes… wow… the music really is free of the headphone drivers … really great.

I don’t like that chill music.

Bruce in Philly

Download page: Welcome Audiophiliac Listeners! | The Audiophile Society



I adore that album!!!

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Me too. The Speaker and Headphone mixes are great.

the dsd mix for speakers is probably the only non-compressed version in the freebie version.

heavy on bass

a good thing, was what I played mostly

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It’s like dub reggae ina jazz stylee… Sounds right, leaving more musical development within each track to be desired. As for the bass: I didn’t think my SF Guarnieri’s could take it that low naturally and easily. :slightly_smiling_face:

DSD version here, and feeling a little Santana with the rhythmic bass and key boards…

What he says about the sound of this setup is why I usually say, the only way to achieve a certain realistic, airy sound with normal market gear is with horns+tubes (with usually some other shortcomings).

Thanks for the download hint!

I liked the sampler and bought the Graffitti Jazz Album. Interesting music with deep bass and lots of spatial sounds. Still getting used to the music!


I bought every release from them. Each one sounds amazing. The HIFI COLLECTIVE is my strong favorite. Wide Dynamic range:

Analyzed: THE HI-FI COLLECTIVE / Slow Reduction

DR Peak RMS Duration Track

DR08 -0.40 dB -10.23 dB 5:24 01/09-Slow Reduction
DR12 -0.40 dB -13.41 dB 4:57 02/09-Tranquility Bay
DR14 -0.40 dB -15.25 dB 5:22 03/09-Blue Mountain
DR12 -0.41 dB -13.26 dB 6:21 04/09-Treasure Key
DR13 -0.40 dB -15.93 dB 4:30 05/09-Coral Bay
DR14 -0.40 dB -16.24 dB 6:15 06/09-Ginger Island
DR14 -0.40 dB -15.39 dB 5:49 07/09-Casa Marina
DR15 -0.42 dB -16.85 dB 5:30 08/09-Long Bay
DR14 -0.38 dB -16.79 dB 5:10 09/09-Flamingo

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