Clever use for Regnerator 12v trigger with regards to powering DC devices via battery

The trend of powering audio devices with lithium and ultracapacitor packs has become very popular as has the elimination of switching power supplies from ones system. I recently eliminated the last walwart from my system that powered my DSpeaker Antimode with a lithium battery pack. This is not a post about the merits of the whys and merits of clean power and how to achieve it so I wont go into a review of the changes it made in my system. The lithium battery pack itself is charged by a walwart and I did not want this unit polluting the power to the DSpeaker so I would unplug the charger when I would listen to my system. The problem is I would often forget to plug the unit back in.

Enter the “Iot Relay - Enclosed High-power Power Relay” this $27 device takes the 12v trigger from from my P10 regenerator and uses it to switch “off” the charging of the battery pack when the P10 is turned on. This removes the walwart from the sytem. When I shut the system off the charging to the battery pack is resumed. The Relay unit can do this for two battery packs. One on each outlet.

The unit can be purchased here.

Thought I’d share this little trick with the PSAudio community. Enjoy.


I have their Web Power switch. Good guys to work with to setup all kinds of sophisticated programming to meet just about any need.