Coffee Ramblings

That was a great bit for so many reasons

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My wife and I still laugh over that skit. :grin:

I’m drinking coffee now. Just thought you’d like to know.

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For my first birthday, my dad gave me cake and coffee. Hated the cake, but loved the coffee. So yes, I had a ceramic sippy cup as a kid. Have had coffee every day since I was one. Growing up in Sweden, that’s not that unusual though.


Me too.

Tim’s is the commuter and office standard in Buffalo as well :slightly_smiling_face:
Enjoying a cup as we “speak”



I hated coffee until I entered grad school. Those with grad degrees know how that works. Try being an observational astronomy grad student acquiring long exposure, manually guided spectroscopy for hours on-end (that was at Kitt Peak). The beverage I hated became indispensable. Today no complex coffee maker like that some of you guys have. A grind my own beans, filtered water, French press purist. I shudder when I think of the glop I got from the all-night cafeteria on the mountain back then. But, a Masters and Ph.D. later darned if it didn’t do the job.

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Pics are about a year old and, since taking them, have added a Luminaire Automatic Add-on Shot Timer. Also, changed to a billeted single dose hopper vs. the large hopper on the grinder

  1. Espresso Machine: La Spaziale Vivaldi II w/custom Sapele wood side panels
  2. Grinder: Fiorenzato F4E Nano V2
  3. Combo Scale/Shot Timer: Hario V60
  4. Tampers: Espro w/flat base, Joefrex w/convex base and walnut handle
  5. Coffee Distributor: Apexstone

  • Coffee Roaster: Gene Cafe CBR-101
  • Preferred Green Bean Wholesaler: Sweet Maria’s

I roast 1 lb, weekly. Half lb to the lighter side and other 1/2 to medium. Goal is to bring out the bean profile (fruit/chocolate, etc.) with the lighter roast and more robustness w/a medium to dark. Blend the two for the best of both worlds. Here’s a nice Sumatra I roasted a while back. Contrast on the pics is a bit light as the bean had a nice brown color.


I prefer a triple shot basket w/a bottomless portafilter to see the extraction. Here’s a nice 2 oz. shot and the resulting Americano w/2 oz’s of water added to the shot.


I think you get the PS Audio Coffee Pro Gold Medal. Glad to see you’ve gone for the single doser.

One of the joys of London is the choice of coffee suppliers. One of my favourite is in a street called Leather Lane, named after the trade that established there in the Middle Ages, they run a great breakfast restaurant and a barista school. I think I shall have to go tomorrow morning. They sell all sorts of wonderful coffees, there is one from Panama listed at about $340/kg. I shall be trying a new one from the Congo.

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LOL, thanks. Finally, I can say I have a gold medal. That site has some nice offerings.

One might assume I drink allot of coffee but I start my day in the audio sweet spot w/two cups. Might have one more in the afternoon if in the mood.

My first major purchase was a Jura F5 superautomatic machine and was happy for several years. But, always longed for a much more satisfying cup.

Years ago I tried my hand at home brewing and found it too much work for the payout when I only drink, overall, very little. Roasting, on the other hand, is so easy, and was a game changer for me. Half an hour, 1 lb. done and always fresh. The skill, though, is constantly nailing a roast.

I’ve gotten my dad and kids into it. Several years back I gifted them the FreshRoast SR500 roasters as a way to share a common love of coffee within the family. Plus, it insures I get a decent cup of coffee when we visit!

Once I upped my game w/roasting the next logical step was to move on from the Jura. US citizen but was born in Italy to parents abroad. I’ve also lived many years abroad and traveled to Italy. So, made the decision to keep w/my Italian “roots” and buy Italian machines.

My next foray will be to take barista and roasting classes. Always more to learn!!

edit to add…single dosing is the only way to go to preserve freshness. My grinder wouldn’t lend itself to blowing out the grind path but, retention acknowledged, is still really the best for me.

I used to roast in my workshop, but the smoke just got to be too much. Used an air popper and it worked great. Could get a pretty consistent french/italian roast going.

Lots of great coffee roasters near me, so I don’t miss the activity.

In our old house we added a Miele in-wall coffee system when we redid the kitchen (wow, nearly 20 years ago now). When we moved, we didn’t really have a place for the same built-in thing, so I bought a countertop version. Extremely reliable and you get a nice crema on the top (for just a plain coffee).

I get coffee out, even at a good coffee place, and it’s just not as good as from this little thing.

I swear, during these covid times at home I’m drinking it all damn day long. It auto-shuts-off after 90 minutes, and when I hear that rinsing noise, I’ll think, oh, crap I need a coffee. So i turn it back on. Salivating like Pavlov’s dog.

At night, i’ll go to bed, thinking, “man, when I wake up, I’m gonna have a coffee – and it’ll be great.”


So, It was time to clean out and re-line the kitchen cabinets and wayyyyy in the back of the uppermost cabinet, I found a jar of Folger’s, probably from the 70’s. Do you think it’s still good?

Aged Folgers’s is probably worth a fortune—but not to me! :laughing:

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Is it ok to start an auction for it in our “Marketplace” thread?

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@RonP If you let it be known that sprinkled over your amps and dac, it makes for a much lower noise floor and if you wipe down your speaker cables with a strong brew the 3d/holographic soundstage will bloom!

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yeah—holographic—yeah, that’s the ticket

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put it on top of your DAC like Darko does with those aluminum thingies and see if it does anything

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or who was it here who advocated the placement of little elephants on things

I have a little Alessi stovetop percolator, which has a handy metal reducer you can insert, depending on if you want one or two decent cups of coffee.

This morning my son cracked me up when he heard the coffee bubbling away on the stove and he said, I see you are cooking anti-sleep liquid. :grin:



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