Color conversion

Hi everyone,

I had an all black system when I purchased my DS, but was forced into silverization of nearly everything…

now I have more silver equipement than black!

For those of you who have opened the DS, maybe converted an old converter into the DS, do you think it would be feasible to convert my black unit into a silver one?

I am monochrophiliac ;o)


I have regretted the choice of a Silver DS inside of my system since day one. I wasn’t sure which color I would prefer when I placed my order but I figured that silver was probably the “classier” choice. But I’m sure now! I really wish that I had ordered a black unit.

So I’d consider trading. The issue is that I’m not sure how to perform such a transaction safely assuming that you are not local. Plus I don’t know what the warranty implications might be for doing this, nor do I know how to tell if you might have one of the earlier versions with the inferior remote-control interface without testing this.

Does the silver just not match things or do you just hate the way it looks? I have always loved the silver over the black and certainly it’s a personal choice, but just curious.

I prefer silver over black with products with interesting curves or other design features. Silver and white display and reveal the most; black, the least. Thus, I prefer the PWT and DS in silver as the corners and the tho-thirds up break-line visually interesting. I imagine photographers prefer working with light colored items for the same reason, light dances on white.

(But I dislike white cars, even interesting ones. The randomness of human preference.)

Yet I fully understand preferring black, with its enveloping subtlety.