Combo Slam Dunk

Transport and DS reviewed in Norway. Impressed is an understatement :muscle:
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If only I could read it!

You can use Google translate

Use Google Translate!

Thanks, Frode!

Good to see you back.

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Thanks, Elk.
Have been sick during Easter and very occupied at work lately.

Looking at the pictures in the review, leads me to wonder why there was no standardisation in the orientation of the IEC inlet and main power switch on these units.

Does anybody remove the rubber feet from DMP when sitting it atop the DS?

$21,000 USD for the pair, did I read that right? Jeez, that number is getting towards Esoteric K01Xs territory.

I have my DSD sitting on the Transport without feet. I stream most of my music so I rarely use the the transport . So I don’t hear a sonic impact.

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I stack also minus rubber feet. But I do use a sorbothane footer under the DMP bottom on top of the DS. Sounds superb…

130,000 Swedish Krona equals… $15,436.20 US Dollars…

Not according to Google…oops, did I get the wrong currency?


Yes. Krona is Swedish… Krone is Danish.