Sneak Peak of New Transport

Hi All, hope everyone is safe at home enjoying our expensive hobby.

The latest Paul video showed the case of the new transport in black and silver.
Also shown is the Obsidian Dac.


Saw it was not happy with the tiny display and the VCR type control button. It sure won’t replace my DMP. I have seen many complain about not being able to see the DMP display from across the room. I don’t see how making the display that much smaller will help that situation. It looks as tiny as the display on the preamp.

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Oh man, 2 cases of those TSS are HUGE!

Maybe the track and disc info will display on the Dac big screen
once they are connected.

If status, track ID, etc., was like the BHK pre volume indication, you should be able
to easily see that across the room. I like the idea of a simpler display or buttons
that do not have the foibles of the current DMP screen.

I have no issue with the DMP display or touch screen controls. The only thing I see is an occasional Apostrophe being displayed improperly. I would also hope that button the control is allot better in operation that the similar button on the newer remotes. That is very poor in the way it responds to input. The one on the older black remotes works way better! Some times newer isn’t always better.

To be honest I rather expected a TSS-like case or similar for the new DMP…but certainly the new drive has to fit to both lines which is not possible.

I watched the video to learn more about the new transport and was very glad to see that the new transport will play SACD’s (or so the label on the wall indicated).

I have to comment on how right Paul is about women and music. My wife has much better hearing than I do (we are both boomers, but she still hears fundamental tones out to 16KHz) and she really likes music. When it comes to my stereo system she says I have two speakers, a turntable, an RTR tape deck ( I was given an old Revox that need refurbishing ) and a bunch of boxes and cables. Her rule is that if I add a new box I have to either sell the old box or what she likes best is when I trade it in. She does not want the box count to increase. :roll_eyes:

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Sounds to me like your wife just wants to listen to music. All of the extra stuff a lot of us want doesn’t provide her any value.