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Ha! Came in here to post a recommendation for Kontak, but ya beat me to it.

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Sorry :slight_smile: - glad to hear a recommendation for Kontak - Robert / Cable Co recommended it a one of the best cleaners -Being in Australia and postage taking over three weeks (still waiting) - i tend to trust him on most things. Long weekend in Australia hifi all coming out of the racks for cleaning…

I will have to try this out. I picked up some XLRs on a great deal. They needed a little TLC, so I used jewelry polish. I’m not sure if its a long term solution, but they looked nice when I finished with them.

Kontak for me too. I use a pipe cleaner for IEC’s. Be careful to use the Soft version of pipe cleaners. The hard variety is too course.

I use Caig’s vacuum tube kit:
DeoxIT Gold GXMD, Vacuum Tube Survival Kit, Caig

And D and G series for pots and switches.