Power Plant & Fuses, Newbie Questions

I just got my Powerplant 3 at the end of March. I’ve read some discussions here about trying different fuses, or even just reversing the direction of the fuse to see if improves the sound.

How exactly do I remove the fuse without breaking it?

Also, has anyone tried applying Caig Deoxit Gold or other contact cleaners/enhancers to the fuse contacts? I have that stuff on every metal contact in my system, except the fuse.

it’s really simple on the P3. Get a flat head screw driver and you can open the fuse holder on the back by turning it anti clockwise to open (it’s near the power plug). Once open, remove the stock fuse (I suggest keeping as a backup) - replace with new fuse making sure it is placed in the correct direction if so instructed.
The screw end of the fuse is the hot end, so direction is from back to front.
Have fun…



Unplug the P3 from AC power prior to working with the fuse :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, definitely. :grinning:

I’ll have it sitting on the dining room table while I work on it. I’m going to stick on some vibration absorbing panels while I’m at it. I haven’t ordered any replacement fuses yet, so I’ll just be cleaning the metal contacts and reversing the fuse.

I just don’t understand why many people here buy these expensive and well engineered
plus beautifully crafted products, and almost immediately want to tear into them with questionable modifications?

Don’t you think at this quality level PS Audio has tweaked the performance to it’s highest?

Stick on anti-vibration panels? How will that affect heat convection? What will that do to the brushed metal finish?

Why not just enjoy it as is?

Some people are curious. Some are not.

How about asking the manufacture? They designed and built the thing. In many of these posts it is apparent the customer has little if any electronics knowledge. Even more reason to stay out of products inner workings.

That I agree with.

If you do not find tweaking and experimenting appealing, don’t.


Besides, we’re just talking about a fuse. I’m not sure I’d classify that as a modification and it certainly doesn’t involve ‘tearing into’ anything.
Having said that, does anyone know what size/value fuse the PerfectWave P3 uses?


You work for PS Audio or at least appointed the moderator of this forum.

How does Paul feel about this? What about the product warranty? And as we are talking about fuses, is the new fuse listed by UL or other authorized safety agency AS SOLD? As sold meaning if an OEM fuse is cryo treated or replated by a third party for example, was it re-tested?

Again, is the third party replacement fuse approved by PS Audio or at least a recognized safety agency?

Many of the tweaks done are suggestions from the designer.

I do not speak for PS Audio.

From what I have seen PS Audio is customer-centric.

Unless you own PS Audio equipment which you plan to modify, I would not worry about it.

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The PS20 costs $10,000 right? So at that price level why doesn’t PS Audio already use the best fuse for the job.

Well, they actually do! So just leave it alone!

@glimmie please back off. You have well crossed the line into trolling.


If no one had any curiosity or sense of adventure, where would we be?

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No…they’ve admitted as much. They build extremely good products but to a price point. If every product they engineered was tweaked to the ‘highest performance’ they’d probably be triple in price or more. You can’t include audiophile fuses and power cords that many buyers could care less about and build a piece of gear to a price point. This has been discussed many times.