Cordesman loves the FR30s. GoldenEar award!

Well done. Well done.


That is the most info-packed, shortest and most glowing review I have ever read!

Now, where is my lottery ticket . . . .


I will grant you that it wasn’t an exceptionally detailed review. It’s value to me mostly comes from WHO it is from rather than what was said. Like when Fremer said the Stellar Phono was amazing-that says more than pages and pages of ASR prose to me.

I met Cordesman once in the mid-aughts speaking about airpower before I knew of his audiophile predilections. I tend to think I have a signed book of his downstairs. He is a VERY smart man.


I’m curious as to how the base attaches to the speaker. I’m assuming the cabinet is MDF, but there must be some sort of additional material that lines the bottom of the speaker cabinet, that the base attaches to.

AHC has been my favorite/honest reviewer for 30 plus years. AHC has a wonderful writing style that is easy to follow and understand. The FR30 speakers must be special.


I’ve been working pretty closely with Mr. Cordesman since he got his speakers. For obvious reasons I was quite anxious to hear his first impressions. I saw his name in my email inbox. Heart started pumping as I opened it. One of the more fun emails I’ve read.


This is not a full review. Is a full review coming or did I just miss it?

It’s in the latest The Absolute Sound issue.


Mr Cordesman used to work in the US Defense Department.

I haven’t received my digital issue as yet.

Whatever the case, the review is very short. Don’t the writers get paid by the word?

Oh yeah. He’s a very interesting fellow to talk to.

Thank you! There is a multi-page review in magazine. This is just a further brief comment around the golden ear award.


His expertise and knowledge on defense and international affairs is unparalleled. He’s advised at the highest levels of government. A legitimate genius. Clearly he has excellent audio taste as well.


The review, including full page photos is 15 pages.


Which issue in TAS? Thanks.

Issue 331. October 2022. AHC liked it so much he bought the review sample.

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Thank you.

They’re Weapons-Grade Speakers, so you can believe what he says!:cowboy_hat_face:


I used to read his articles in Audio Magazine as a Teenager/Young Adult in the 1980’s/early 1990’s. I didn’t know about all the other cool stuff.