Curious reaction to fuse upgrade

I have a pair of Omen Defs


While I have never seen or experienced Zu Audio speakers …from what I read
they do have very good acclaim…

It seems you have an outstanding system!

Thanks for sharing


How are the Omen Defs vs. the Omen?

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The Defs have two main cones with the tweeter between them, they have more of a punch and volume for rock music, but I’ve never listen to the Omens.

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The Defs are amazing speakers. A friend has them fully upgraded.


I upgraded the tweeters on mine, they already had the latest main drivers in them.

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RonP…just a thought regarding your blue fuse and your Pass amp…is your blue fuse
fully burned in yet? Mine would b good 1 moment and yuk the next until fully burned in

Just a thought that came up…appologies forchanging thoughts in the midst of your

Great minds…
It’s burning right now. It probably has 20 hours. I’ll leave it for a couple weeks.

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Why I didn’t catch that earlier ah dunno…

Man just been having a good ole listening session playing Mannheim Steamrollers
Classical Gas album…fun very enjoyable easy listening music with lots of great sq


Mason Williams or Steamroller album?

Hey vmax

It is the Mason Williams & Mannheim Steamroller “Classical Gas” album
with a guitar and a gas pump handle …on the cover

Thanks Qobuz only listed as Mason Williams.