Curious reaction to fuse upgrade

I have Blue fuses in everything except my DMP which has an Orange, so obviously, I like them.
But I just put a Blue in one of my amps and it’s definitely different, but worse imo.
Anybody else have similar experience? You prefer the stock fuse (or cable, or isolator or tweek)?

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Yes… in my experience SR fuses can etch the sound.

To me they reduce musicality and trade for imaging.

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Are you saying you like the stock fuse over the SR Blue in your amp? It is a little unusual. I find the Blue separates the images a little better. But it is very subtle difference. I find the differences in fuses very minute, but in some systems, you can definitely hear it, and it usually is better than stock.

As I said, I have Blue fuses in nearly everything. But in my amp, it ruins the character of the sound for me.
Maybe just an anomaly, but that’s what i hear in this particular amp.
I have no explanation except maybe that the designer voiced the amp with the stock fuse.

Hi RonP…

Just wondering if you have the fuse oriented as they are directional have you tried turning the fuse around to face the opposite direction…

With my amp it makes quite a differnce but then again ymmv …

If you haven’t yet check that possibility out…

I forgot to say I am running the blue fuses as well

Thanks David. I did that and again, curiously, I don’t hear a difference.

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Well RonP you gave it a shot that’s what counts…

If I come across something or think of something I’ll reply back

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Thanks. It’s a weird little amp. The sound is sublime. But the amp is also quite indifferent to power cable upgrades. Go figure.

Which amp do you you have?

This one is a Pass Labs XA30.5

Sounds like a very friendly not picky sorta guy …doesn’t take much to make him happy…
great amp must say…

RonP are you using a regenerator by any chance?

Yes, P20

Yes siree that Pass amp is great amp!!

You just may have hit sweet spot of optimization…
what type of interconnects and speaker wire you running?

I’ve had five over the years and this one is my favorite.
I also have an XA25 which is wonderful but very different.

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My first listen to a Threshold amp and pre driving martin logan cls was
an amazing experience for me…mind you I just so happened to walk into the dealership
as they were just finishing setting up and they let me play a number of my own cds I brought.

Very generous of them …they also said system was not optimum as it had not ime to burn in …
neither the speakers or amp preamp…

Still wow!!

Yup. This hobby is all about entertainment, after all. And his amps and preamps just make me happy.

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RonP just curious what speakers do you have?

Zu Audio Soul Supreme