SR Blue fuse notes

I just replaced the SR Black with a Blue in my SGCD.

First impression is smoother, less etched, while more musical. Less hi fi ish.

Kind of sounds like a cross between the black and the stock fuse from PSA.

I will keep updating as it breaks in (supposedly the blues already go through a conditioning process making them sound good out of the box).

For those tv videophiles, the Black is like a tv has the sharpness set too high and an lcd, the Blue is like a properly tuned plasma. Note : I still have my plasma.

Wow… the midrange is so much better than stock or the Black. The stock fuse basically falls short listening to any rock with hi gain guitar distortion, turns into a midbass blob. The Black gives you some upper mid attack but sounds like the mids are lost. Blue is much closer to getting the whole frequency range right.