Current Opinions of Jays Audio CDT2-MkII Transport

Possibly, the latest iteration of the Mac Mini M1, for example.

Well, I read the whole thread.

I hope you get it sorted soon.

I try to be objective regarding such matters and stay out things I don’t really understand. That said, I am not quite sure you have established that the DS Sr. has general compatibility issues with “newer Mac computers”.

Rather, there seems to be some sort of USB configuration issue* specific to your system and a newer Mac Mini.

[*Or, did I misunderstand which digital delivery method you are struggling with?]

Again, I am stretching/speculating a bit because I don’t have all of the details regarding your situation.

It would be nice to know if others here or on other forums have also reported “compatibility issues” with Mac Mini’s and the DS Sr.

Good luck with finding a fix.

My impression is as yours, there is some sort of mysterious USB configuration issue which no one has yet to solve. This would be exceedingly frustrating.

i do not recall any one else reporting any problem with a Mac Mini and the DS.

I, too, hope David can find a fix and soon.

A guy I know, bought a first generation Mazda CX9 back in the day. His mates kept telling (making noise) him it was a substandard vehicle (distortion) and he should expect nothing but trouble (misinformation). He lost sleep over it till he sold his brand new car, for a loss of course!

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This review of the PS Audio transport on Michael Lavorgna’s Twittering Machines demonstrates why the PST is in all likelihood the better product:

The following observation is made in that review:

“One of the more interesting observations is the absence of noise in digital to analog systems makes music sound more natural, more precise, and more relaxed. And you don’t really know what noise in digital to analog systems sounds like until you’ve not heard it.”

So, I’m genuinely happy for all those who can afford the PST.


Also interesting in this same review is his experience that transports sound better than servers.

He compared “serving and the PerfectWave spinning the same album. In the end, I would give the edge to the PS Audio PerfectWave Transport because it offered up a clearer and more precise sound image.”

(The server was a totaldac d1-streamer. He notes “The best network players/streamers I’ve heard are the dCS Network Bridge and totaldac d1-streamer.”)

The dCS is on my audition list. They are discontinued now and I am on the hunt for a gently loved, used specimen.


I would enjoy hearing it.

I have found streamers to be wonderfully handy, but not as good sounding as a transport. Fortunately, I do not mind using a transport.

I have no trouble believing there are streamers which sound as good, I just have not heard one yet.

Please let us know if you get a change to hear the dCS.

Will do…

Nobody said that I will be doing away with my PS Audio DSD, and that I’m not happy with its sound. I assure you I will not make any loss.

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As I have mentioned elsewhere, in my system the PSA Ethernet Card (Bridge II) serving locally stored files has tended to best (overall) streaming from the internet AND spinning discs.

The recent addition of a used PSA DMP transport has tightened up the race, so to speak; and I find myself enjoying discs (especially high quality master SACDs) more and more. [This is via the I2S connections, by the way.]



FYI, I have 0 experience with stand alone, black box streamers.


LOL, that Mazda dude was extreme, but his mates were both mean and convincing. Now seriously, I used to play music using mConnect (stream) and Naim audio player (digital coaxial) without any issues until I found Roon. The experience was so cool, I got Nucleus+ Second generation (added 2 tb SSD) and that transformed both streaming and playback via Matrix. I was like whoa! It’s like I am listening to my music afresh, or like I just got new pair of ears. I truly hope you overcome all issues and get to enjoy the full potential your DS DAC. It is a wonderful component.

Some other time, I could tell you how I loathed Bridge II and what happened that made me fall in love with it :star_struck:

You tease you… :wink:

As a Bridge II fan, I am interested in hearing more about your experience when you decide to share.



Interesting observations reflected in this review of the Jay’s Audio MK2 transport:

And that’s the old (discontinued) version.
The 2021 NEW version is : CDT2-MK3 (New 2021!)


I just did a shootout with the same recording (We Get Requests The Oscar Peterson Trio) on the DMP. Japanese single sided SACD vs regular SACD vs red book CD vs DSD file on memory stick.

First off, The regular SACD sounded pretty good. It had nice 3 dimensional images, nice soundstage, ample air around instruments, and excellent clarity.

The CD layer flatten the soundstage and veiled the images. Very boring sound next to the SACD layer. I would not buy this SACD player, if eveything I play on it sounded like this, truthfully.

The memory stick DSD file sounded very close to the SACD, also very good in all areas, but I give edge to SACD being slightly clearer.

Then the Japanese single sided SACD. It sounded like a different recording, it was so much better than the rest. I kid you not. The liveness, the dynamics is to another level. You can hear the substance and texture better. The high hats on the left had more body and air, the piano in the background was more present and live, the bass on the right sounded more like a real bass. Granted, this recording is mastered differently, but this why I buy I buy a good SACD player for, to get this kind of exciting sound.


Has anyone heard the Jay’s 2021 NEW version : CDT2-MK3 (New 2021!) along with their NEW
DAC2-MK3 R-2R (NEW 2021)
Much less then the Holo May KTE ($3,098. vs. $5,598.)
In fact, the Jay’s combo TOTALS $5,596

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Hi Scott,

This is going to be long, so please bear with me.

I bought the DSD DAC & Bridge II in October 2019. Initially, I was using mConnect to stream CDs locally ripped using Naim Core. I did notice sound quality was average. Things sounded better playing direct from Naim Core using SPDIF coax. Quite a few users on PSA forum condemned Bridge II as a source of noise. Others complained about connectivity issues. So, I experimented by unplugging Bridge from the router, and listening through the SPDIF coax port, and I liked the improvement. Then I uninstalled Bridge altogether, and that made things even better.

A few months later, there was a sale on Nucleus+, so I took the plunge and bought it along with Matrix. I2S, without Bridge sounds great.

A few months later, I ventured with HDPlex to improve Nucleus and Matrix sound quality. Simultaneously, the LPS served the router which had a positive impact on the sound of Roon Nuc. That tempted me to re-try Bridge which improved remarkably. Not only this, Bridge no longer affects I2S sound quality.

Earlier this year, I thought adding an audiophile network switch would definitely have an impact on the performance of the Nucleus and Naim server. Melco S100 made Bridge II perform much better in every way. Many would dread spending on a “tweak” but every time I listen through Bridge II, music sounds fresh and engaging. Every record sounds like a new purchase! Remember the debate of Qobuz Hi Res/ vs Tidal MQA? Bridge MQA decoding is so well implemented, it betters locally stored 69/24 files!

Matrix and I2S are there to listen to the very few DSD files in native mode, otherwise, everything else goes through Bridge and I love it. You mileage may vary depending other system components, cables, power quality, room setting, ears, etc.


I recently acquired the Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK3 transport. It is still burning in. It needs still many, many hours of burn in and is still opening up.

I have it hooked up to my PS Audio DSD DAC on I2S with an Audioquest Vodka HDMI cable.

See my comments above in this thread as to my impressions thus far. The sound has opened up spatially and is so much bigger, and I’m hearing for the first time subtle, fine nuances and details, and the dynamics have significantly improved.

It does not sound bright or “digital” to me.

Similar favorable impressions are to be found on other forums.

For the price as an audiophile transport, I think this is really good value for money, unless you have an extra $4500 to spend on the PS Audio transport.

For now, my Jay’s is my reference transport. Indeed, the Jay’s transport was used by Steve Guttenberg recently as the digital source in reviewing the very high-end Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC.

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