Jay's Audio NEW CDT3-MK3 Transport

Has any forum member owned, or heard/auditioned the NEW Jay’s Audio CDT3 - MK3 Transport ?

I own both the CDT2 Mk3 and the CDT3 Mk3. The later since April.

Tell me (please) ALL your experiences with the CDT3 - MK3 Transport.
I’m seriously considering it over my current Ps SACD Transport.
It appears to be built like a tank and also I can connect a outboard 10mHz clock to it.
Tom - NJ


It is in fact built like a tank and as heavy as a good SS amplifier. If your DAC is compatible it sounds best via the I2S output. It works on it’s base setting with my Holo May and should be the same with the DS. Not to disagree with Alvin’s people but I didn’t think he needed 400 hours to break in. I didn’t really hear any difference after about 150-200 hours. Dense tonal texture with big foundation but not etched sounding at all. Dealing with Alvin’s people in either Singapore or Texas is easy and they are easy to reach out to. Don’t think you would be disappointed at all. The CDT2 Mk3 is itself a fine unit but if you here them side by side the differences are apparent.

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