Current Opinions of Jays Audio CDT2-MkII Transport

I’m using the Sony to rip the SACD. The ripped DSD file is then play through the streamer. The file through the streamer actually sounds much better than the original SACD through a disc spinner like the PST.

That’s surprising because I would have thought playing through the PST would be the most uncontaminated transmission ie. it didn’t go through the ripping and streaming processes

The digital transports make big differences depending on the quality of the transport. The PST is one of the best out there, but there are better. My Esoteric N-03T is better but do cost a little more.

I just ordered the upgrade to MK3. While I’m doing that I have a couple of questions.
1). Has anybody attached EMF shielding on the back of the display panel? This is a common tweek many people do to their PS Audio Directstream DACs.
2). Has anybody installed the upgraded transport suspension system (Qsus) for their Jays CDT2 MK2/3 the is built by HEADQUATERS Audio? (The same guy who makes the Qstab). If so, how difficult is it to install?


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Scott McGowan sent me an email this morning offering the PST for $3999. Can’t and did not say no to that. So I am going to own both. Fun.