Dare one buy a PP Premier..?

So far, I have not tried anything else than isolation transformers. But I am very interested in trying a re-generator…
But…for me, the cost of a P12 or P15 is, at the moment, just TOO much…

But a used Premier could fit into my budget. But then I know, these units has had lot of problems. Now one is up for sale, which has been repaired at PS-Audio, with the re-generator replaced…
So, is this then a safe buy to get into the benefits of PP’s…?

Find a used P10 that’s in perfect shape. They’re all over for very good prices. The P10 is amazing!

Yes, but they are very far from Premier pricing unfortunately…

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I would save for a P5 or P10. The PPP had some issues.

I agree. Listen to the good advice given! Rather go without, and save up for a good used P5 or P10.

I had a PPP before my(current) P10. Worked fine, but I think I had to send it back because of the potentiometer on the bottom of the unit broke and it wasn’t regulating correctly. I’d say if you wanted a PPP treat it like a used car: Whatever is in your budget, use half to buy it and hold half in reserve to send back to PSAudio for repair if needed. If PSAudio can’t repair it any more, that’s a clue to step away. Find out what the charge is to repair (the P10 was $250 flat rate; my I/O board died and it never got out of ‘initialization’ phase.)

Just a thought.

I’ve been lucky: I have a PPP that has never presented a problem and though I’ve had a P5 and then a P10 I still have the PPP anchoring my second system, driving a Decware power amp and a Decware headpohone amp, a TV and a DVR and a Denon flagship universal player. And it al sounds great.

You could also consider a used P3 if your system fits its parameters. Per the manual “All P3’s labeled US or JP can output a continuous load of up to 800 Volt-Amps of pure, regulated AC, with peak momentary output capabilities of up to 1000 Volt-Amps.”

I’ve owned one for 5 years - it’s been a really great piece of equipment. It had one small warranty repair in the first year that was handled quickly with great customer service. It’s performed flawlessly since.

I, too, own a Power Plant Premier. I still remember the day I put in my system so many years ago, and discovered a new level of detail and dynamics from the lowered noise floor. This was the product that had me take notice of PS Audio! I recall sending it back to PS Audio at some point many years ago, as I found something rattling around inside when I moved it. They took care of the loose part, made sure it was up to spec, and it’s been in a secondary system ever since. The P5 I replaced it with about 5 years ago was an audible improvement, sure, and the P20 that just replaced the P5 in my main system is in another league, of course. This takes nothing away from the merits of the Premier. It’s also worth mentioning that, in the years I’ve owned it, It has successfully protected my gear through power outages and thunder storms. If you like the price you find for a used one, I’d say you’re making a reasonable decision. And PS Audio has always proven themselves to be first class in taking care of repairs on the rare occasions I’ve sent them something.

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If you can stretch a bit, go for P3, the build and componentry is way ahead of PPP.
P5 and P3 are similar, P5 having bit more chocolate sprinkles, that some may not care about. In fact P3 uses P5 output stage that is most important in the whole thing.

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