Dectect Still a good buy?


Is the Dectect still a good buy? in my country(Asia) its very expensive & actually cost more then the supra mains block md06-eu mk3 which is technically the same price in Europe. The Supra is made in Sweden compare to the Dectect which is made in China. Are all users of the Dectect happy with their purchase?


I was very happy with the Dectect…until I got the P10.

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I bought the dectect after calling PSA and found out that they have higher surge protection than the power regenerators. Surge protection is my priority. Since I had no imagining, clarity, sound stages issues, etc. I decided on the dectect. I live in the country that make have something to do with the quality of power that my house receives. For this situation, I feel the dectect is a good buy.

Paul, PSAs CEO, has said the your clean power needs will be more of a consideration where demands on the power grid are high if you live in a city, near industry, live in apartment complex, even old wiring system in your house etc. Maybe your dealer will let you take one home for a trial.

PSA site forum has a lot of discussion which is worth reading. Better yet the PSA customer service are wonderful, helpful people, call them.
You can email them, they usually respond quickly.

Good luck with your research and decision,


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