Digital System with Aerial 20T's

This is a photograph of my system. As you can see, it is all digital. The only PS Audio product that I have (the PowerPlant) enjoys top of the shelf status. (Note for Paul - maybe upgrade to P20). The PLINIUS main amp has worked very well with the Aerial 20T speakers. I am mulling an upgrade to 2 ea BHK mono amps in the future. I like the renderer concept (The Aurender unit next to the Ayre DAC). In future upgrades to the digital front end I would like to world clock timing across the renderer and the DAC. This would satisfy my feeling that superb timing ensures close-to-elimination of digital artifacts. I recently moved the system to the current position and it actually sounds better despite the sidewalls (which are angled of course). I should add that I am stone deaf in one ear so am insensitive to staging effects. I am an amateur musician and manage to attend 10 to 15 live concerts per year (mostly in Munich, Germany and Birmingham, UK) and find the tonal characteristics of the Aerial 20T superb for classical music (which is >80% of my collection) and also for other genres.

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