Direct Stream DAC MK2 Latest Firmware - 2.6.2

Hey all!

Here’s the latest release of firmware for the DSD MK2.

This small software patch reduces audible noise in the DSD MK2.

Here’s the link for the download: Click to Download

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Aaron Marrs
PS Audio - US Sales and Service Manager


Does it fully eliminate audible noise, though?

Thanks Aaron.

Would you mind expounding upon the nature of the problem that is reduced (e.g., source and type of noise)?


Agree with the question. Right now, I’m not installing. The only noise I get is the hissing with DSD. Don’t play that much DSD so I’m gonna wait.

This is unclear IMO. The big issue for some Mk 2 owners is noises (of varying loudness), usually when transitioning from a PCM track to a DSD track or vice versa. Some people, like @amsco15, apparently get noise while playing. Which does this update address?

Please note, the Dsd hissing doesn’t always happen. When it does, it happens during transitions (DSD to Dsd). Once it starts, it is consistent. Playing any FLAC stops the hissing. The noise is like a white noise.

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It is ambiguous. The upgrade package states:

Version 2. 6.2

Date 06/05 /2023

Description: Firmware 2.6.2 adds intelligent muting to reduce noise issues

Fixes: DAC 613 Improve muting algorithm to help with noise issues

From this description i think this refers to noise on changing source format.


I did not have hissing, nor any issue with noise. I could not hear noise even with my ears a foot away from the speakers before the update.

I installed the update anyway. I frankly do not hear any difference and speakers are as quiet as before. But, I have a set of new tubes in the system so I do not know anything. :grin:

Elk posted below the patch notes.


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What does “DAC 613” stand for?


When opening the release notes, you can read what each fix means. For now DAC-613 is to ‘Improve muting algorithm to help with noise issues’.
Further down the notes, you can see what the previous fixes were. The one before last being: ‘DAC-591 Fix settings update process when updating to 2.5.0’.

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@aaronm It would be great if you could disclose when we can expect the FPGA code update that @tedsmith has been working on since it was not bundled with 2.6.2.

No ETA on that one just yet. We’ll keep you guys in the loop.

Hi @aaronm what is the latest on the fixes to the white noise issue?
It has been a month of silence since your post about keeping us in the loop.


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Well there is a new FPGA 228 released 1 Aug as in yesterday but for some reason after downloading it, the zip file does not unzip. Had no problem with previous software downloads.

funny its 2.6.2 now. But is this saying its supposed to be there now? That is a new post in the MKII page right?


Yes it is a new download with new FPGA_228 as part of it. Using Windows 10 I have downloaded previous Firmware versions and unzipped them with no problems, but for some reason after downloading the FPGA_228 bin file refuses to unzip. The other files unzip with no problem.

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It look like there’s an error with the upload. We’re working on it as we speak!

I’ll send out an update when the fix is in place.


Thank you for your swift response.

Thanks all! I’ll post in this thread and make a new thread for the download.

Just tested the new link and we should be good to download from the main site. Let me know if anyone has issues

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