DirectStream DAC and Bridge problem

What the hell is going on with Bridge that it doesn’t communicate within my local network?! The vile MConnect is not seeing it and it is on my network! ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! When it does, it won’t play from the app! No response! I’m about to throw it in my recycling bin!

My bridgeII works spectacularly with MConnect. Is it the first bridge?

Is this setup new for you, or did it just stop working?

It just stopped. How can I tell what Bridge it is? I think it’s II.

It would say bridgeII right on it like this:

Yeah, it says Bridge II. So how do I get this POS MConnect to see the Bridge II that is on my network?

(PS #1, it’s the paid version on my 12.9’’ iPad…)

(PS #2, It has a fixed IP address and the network indicator is green.)

(PS #3, I’m sick of this crap!)

(PS #4, it’s connected DIRECTLY to my router via a 100/1000 switch.)

(PS #5, I have 1GB fiber into my house.)

Reboot everything?

DirectStream DAC (i.e. DSD Sr.), I suppose?

I’ve rebooted the DS DAC Sr. several times, including the wonderful chore of adding the IP address again. MinimServer has been restarted. POS MConnect HD has been restarted.

I’m just a hobbyist, and don’t work for PSA. They’ll help you better. I’ve been using roon for quite a while and don’t recall exactly what I did when I was using a bridgeII, but it worked pretty fast for me. Did you autodiscover in MConnect through your iPad?

And they are using the same network (it’s common for people to have two networks these days).

Wasn’t there an issue some Apple users experienced after the last operating system upgrade?

I’m on macOS Catalina 10.15.7. My elderly Mac Mini is pretty much EOL now, no more OS upgrades.

Yes. It sees the Bridge II sporadically.

Okay, scratch that thought off as a possible cause.

Can you put MConnect on another device, like your phone?

I’d be pissed too!

iPhone doesn’t work. No HD version on that. Android doesn’t work, with HD version. iPad Pro 12.9’’ doesn’t work, with HD version.

(BTW, other renderers don’t see the Bridge, either.)

Did you reboot router and switch? Did you change any config in you router? Is it possible that your ISP have remotely changed any config? Did you try not fixing the ip?

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If it fails to get a dhcp address, try another lan cable If you have a windows computer, try logging in to the bridge using the firmware update app

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