DirectStream DAC MKII Released

Nice going to be selected, and that is an exclusive list that few know how to get on!

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I look forward to your reports.

All look forward to your comments here regarding your experience with a beta units DSD DAC MK II. BTW, congratulations! Please share your current system here for reference.

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You could call The Music Room and ask them how they would evaluate modded units.

With cars and motorcycles, one rarely gets any thing over the price of the same vehicle without mods, and getting less is common, unless the vehicle was modded by a well known tuner with a excellent reputation.

For me, a modded DS would be worth less if I were to buy one.


Roon Nucleus>External Drive
Matrix I2S to
Direct Stream DAC
Power Plant 3 for those
Power Plant 15 which BHK M300’s plugged into
Vandersteen TREO CT’s
Rel S/510 x 2


You must be chuffed to be a beta tester! Congrats. Very much looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.

With the matrix in play, your set up might be pretty close in effect to what one might have with the DSII with the AirLens?

Just got the call! Also a beta tester here! Shipping in about a week or two. Let the good times roll! :musical_score::trumpet::saxophone::violin::sunglasses:


Congrats and looking forward to you sharing your experience with it here as well. A listing of your reference components will assist all with your comments.

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Think Airlens at a much higher level
Reclocker etc

But I don’t understand the tech stuff that well

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I will definitely keep you and everyone updated, looking forward to it and will probably take a few days off from work when it arrives to focus on it.:sunglasses::notes:


Y’know, someone with a modded Mk.I should be on that beta tester list. Would be a really interesting insight into how the mods stack up against the Mk.II. But having said that, I could see why maybe PS Audio would choose to skip that. It would add that much more confusion to things.


Nuprime stream 9 / I2S out via Dragon Cable
Mark Levinson 334
P12 power plant
Bowers and Wilkins 803D2
Straightwire Crescendo 3 speaker cables
Straightwire Crescendo 3 Balanced Interconnect cables
All Kimber PK 10 Accent power cables

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A fine system, and thanks once again for sharing! You’re going to enjoy the ride with the MkII. :grinning:

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I paid a fair price for a DSD with the Edcor transformers and J.K. Richards’ power board, a Farad power supply and some 3M treatment. . . and am exceedingly happy to have done so. A decided improvement.

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Looking forward to the beta test responses.


I can see how you’d feel that way, until you hear a modded and unmodded side-by-side. The only worry should be if the modding work is quality. That’s easy enough to confirm with a simple visual inspection.


The call! The mysterious and most welcome call! The Siren’s song! Oh to know the future and the past!

I don’t ever answer numbers that are not in my address book. If I did get the call, I’d miss it.


Welcome to the forum @disdude28 !

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@disdude28, welcome to the PS Audio Forum and the DirectStream DAC Mk II thread.

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