DirectStream Junior Snowmass 2.01 released


Hello Paul
I’m only saying / hearing that the soundstage are bigger with more 3D after I update to 2.01. Using Roon and DSJ


Hah! OK, well, that’s the right direction anyway.


Hi! Sweden calling and is a happy user of Snowmass 2.01 since a couple of minuters, No worries :nerd_face:
Best regards Toby


I had the DSJ running for more than 4 hours and it work flawlessly.
Thanks PS audio team.


Snowmass 2.0.1 is working perfectly, the freeze bug is gone.
And I have the impression that my DSJ is running cooler after the upgrade. maybe the precedent version was consumming more bridge cpu.
Thank you PSAudio team.


" And I have the impression that my DSJ is running cooler after the upgrade."

You sure it’s not due to the -25F outside? :grin:


Was able to go straight from SM 2.00 to 2.01 without downgrading. Use with JRiver seems to be working consistently now after the first few songs.

Also going from 2.0->2.1 might be considered a revelation, like the second-coming of Christ almost!!


Finally found time to update my DSJ to Snowmass 2.01 and was very pleasantly surprised. Not only have I not had a freeze (although that had only happened to me infrequently) but the really annoying buzz/pops when playing hi-res files from the SSD drive in my Roon Nucleus through the Bridge II are gone! I am on Bridge firmware v3.6.17 and with Snowmass 2.0 had to play files from SSD with a USB connection to avoid the particularly loud buzz at the end of an album.

From what I read, I thought the issue was likely the Bridge firmware. But loving that the buzz/pops seem to be gone since installing 2.01.


I cannot for the life of me update to snowmass 2.01. I had no issues going to snowmass the first time around. I’ve downgraded to Yale and still nothing. This is super frustrating. I’m using an old pen drive and formatting to FAT in between each version…Maybe I should just go back to redcloud? It did not cause any problems and didn’t freeze up like snowmass v1.0 did.

Update: I’m currently stuck on Yale 0.0.0 and cannot move to Redcloud or Snowmass. What on earth is going on here? Can I somehow do a hard reset to factory?

Update 2: Solved after about the 7th try going to Yale and Back. Phew!


There you go. Easy. You got there.


Luckily it is an intuitive process that’s been well thought out…


I am pretty sure Paul answered you on the wrong thread:

PaulCEO PS Audio


Sorry for your frustration. It’s never fun to have something be uncooperative. Especially on a Saturday!

Did you remember to unzip the file and remove the files from the folder before placing them on a clean USB stick?

Is the front panel logo light blinking when you power cycle it?

We can certainly get you going on Monday if not earlier through the forums.