Snowmass 2.0.2 for DS Jr

I see that there is a 2.0.2 version for Junior out for download. I have searched for info about what it is supposed to fix or enhance on this site, but without success. Is there a release note page somewhere?

I run 2.0.1 so it would be interesting to know what I can expect.

The forum has a search function. When you search snowmass you will find what you’re looking for.

Not for 2.0.2

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Check out this thread. It’s for DS Sr, but it’s confirmed the same changes were made for Jr.


Thanks, very useful.

I downloaded and loaded it a couple of days ago. Pretty quick update.

  1. Using the 4GB USB stick furnished by PS Audio, Snowmass 2.0.2 loaded on top of 2.0.1 without requiring first reverting to prior Mountains like Yale.
  2. To my ears, this version is brighter and emphasizes higher frequencies than earlier Snowmass’ streaming from a Linux-based Nucleus+ over USB.
  3. Unfortunately, 2.0.2 has no inpact upon the known Bridge II bug with Roon streaming hi-res PCM over Ethernet where you get loud static/white noise when Roon terminates the stream. Apparently a revision to the Bridge II firmware will be required for that solution.