DS Jr. running Snowmass freezes

my dsj with Sm freezes occasionally. when it does, the volume knob, the menu button and the blue button stop working altogether. it worked fine before snowman update. and i’ve tried reloading snowman twice…
anyone know how to fix this?

I had it happen once and I just rebooted. It hasn’t happened to me since. I know a few people have experienced this and I “assume” PSA is aware and working on it.

Didn’t happen for me with Redcloud but has with Snowmass but only over the last few days - like an unwanted Xmas present! Have had to power down to fix it.

Mine was with Snowmass also

That’s why I’m waiting for SM v.2 before updating. Not that I don’t trust Ted or PSA staff, but the best testing is in the field.

Mine has locked up twice in the last couple weeks but now I think it might have something to do with my laptop restarting from windows updates. The latest time everything was working OK and after a windows update restart the DSJr was still playing but controls were frozen. I’m seriously considering a Roon Nucleus+ to use as a Roon core instead of my laptop. I really like how Roon + Tidal works. The Nucleus+ may fix any issues with a Windows or Mac computer having to do too many jobs at once.

Mine locked up once like the 1st day Snowmass was released. I rebooted it and since then no issues. I run Roon on a dedicated Mac Mini with my music stored on a QNAP NAS. I have heard good things about the Nucleus units. If I was starting over I would consider one or maybe run Roon Core on my NAS.

My music is on a Synology NAS and they don’t have enough horsepower to be a Roon core according to most. The QNAP may have a better processor. I made my house laptop (connected wirelessly to the home network) the Roon core and it works well most of the time. The only issue that came up was if the laptop is turned off or cant reach the network then there is no core and Roon wont play at all. I really like how Roon + Tidal look at my music in different ways and expose me to new music that I may have never looked at without them both.

Happened to me too as described in the thread Snowmass is now live on DS junior. Running Roon on the QNAP as advised by the Roon people. Never had an issue before. I hope an update will fix it.

Happens to me every now and then. Note that I don’t use a NAS, or Roon as software. It happened to me with JRiver, and occasionally even while streaming via Tidal.

Yup I had to reboot twice today, My DSJ display froze and did not respond to any input via the remote or the blue standby button on the front. It still played music, but I could not change anything. I am running roon via the bridge 2 interface with latest bridge version and snowmass. @Paul Is this being investigated as a bug?

I have had the same issue here since installing Snowmass. I never had this problem with Redcloud. I hope they fix this issue soon.

Since downloading Snowmass, my DAC has encountered some odd problems. For example, the DAC freezes and I cannot change the volume, nor am I able to use the remote in any way. Further, I cannot turn the power off using the front button. I reported this problem, and was sent a formatted card with certain bug fixes. I installed this chip and it worked for about 48 hours and then the problem returned. Has anyone else encountered these difficulties? It seems strange that these problems have not been mentioned in any of the forums.

This problem has been discussed for the DSj quite a bit.

I am not sure if this is a Snowmass problem or a problem with the DS DAC. When I turned on the machine yesterday the touchscreen was dark as if I had selected “dim” on the remote, but that wasn’t the case. When I did hit the dim button the standby switch went dark. This issue did not seem to affect the audio performance of the machine.
A service tech recommended via email that I reinstall the 3.04 firmware. After doing this the touchscreen was dimly lit. I will check the audio performance later today.

I have not had the opportunity to check the audio performance of the DS DAC after reinstalling v3.04 firmware because I was away from home for about 9 hours. after all.
When I returned this evening the touchscreen had a normal appearance! The service person that wrote me the previous day stated that firmware files may have become corrupted causing the screen outage.
I hope that this information may be helpful to someone in the future.

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Thanks for the follow up.

Something similar keeps happening to me every now and then (say every couple of days) with my DSjr. I just reboot it with the switch in the back of the unit.

I have exactly the same problem. It doesn’t happen every time I use the DSJ. I am trying to figure out what the trigger event is.

I have reported the problem to PS Audio support. They asked for my serial number and also whether or not the DAC runs hot.

I wasn’t sure if they were asking if the DAC runs hot when I have the problem, or all the time. The last time I tested it, the problem did not occur and the DAC was not running hot. It was a little warm towards the back left top corner, but not something that I would say is hot.

TJ, the support person that I am working with, is out until Jan 7th so nothing more is happening on this at the moment, other than me experimenting with the DAC to try to figure out what the trigger is.

Exactly the same problem with my DSJ since installing Snowmass. Music continues to play, but cant change the volume or power down, must turn of the unit from main switch. I even tried downgrading to Redcloud and then upgrading again to snowmass with a fresh download from the PS Audio site. Same problem returned after a few days…

Ted, paul, do you have a fix?