Directstream Mk 2 observations

Are these extenders really designed for low jitter applications like high res audio? That’s what I’d worry about

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Jitter should not matter with the DS MK2 as it reclocks the digital input anyway.

Thanks very much for the input. I already have the Cables Matter unit in house, so I’ll try it first. If it doesn’t work I’ll try your suggestions. Anyway, as you said, I don’t think jitter matters since the MK2 should handle that.

Thanks for taking the time to put together your response. I think maybe to go thru all of that might be better in a separate thread instead of this one. However, in using the USB cable I have described above, when I play a DSD 128 file from an external HD via Audirvana my MK1 says it is receiving and playing DOP rate DSD128. So, either I am defying the laws of audiophile physics, or the MK1 is lying to me. Or is there another explanation? Anyway, I’ll just have to see how things work out when I get the MK2.

Oops, looks like the Monoprice extender is only compatible with USB 1.0, not 2.0 or above. Ted commented above that any connection should be 2.0 or higher for use with bit rates higher than 96KHz.

Pulled the trigger on the MK2 today, so I guess in a couple of weeks I’ll get to see if this all works. :crazy_face:


Congratulations! I’m pretty sure you will love it.

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Very nice! I am looking forward to your impressions.

Congrats!!! It will knock your socks off.

I think the wait is a little longer presently…

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I ordered last week and was told 2nd or 3rd week of February…

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Congrats!! Still waiting on mine :frowning: hopefully soon! :star_struck:

Ordered Dec 23, update from PSA yesterday, expected mid Feb.

Just received mine this morning. Can’t wait to get home and get it up and running.


Welcome to the forum @littlebear! I think you’ll like this forum. Lots of great info and a super group of contributors.


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Thanks VK,
I’ve been reading a lot about the MK2 vs MK1 here on the Forum, & ordered one on 1/13(silver). On 1/20 the PS folks said ~ 3 weeks, so a just little longer for me!

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My advice is to simply replace the MKI with the MKII and make no other changes for 500 hours or so. After that one change at a time. There’s a good bit of burn-in that all of us have experienced. Changes made during the burn-in will be very difficult to evaluate.


Would you include refraining from any fuse upgrades until completion of the 500 hour burn-in period? I have an SR Purple earmarked for my MKII (ordered 1/11 - hoping to receive in a few weeks :pray: ) I was planning on installing the SR fuse on Day 1 unless that is inadvisable.

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I personally would not. If you really want to judge the value of the fuse, the impact of it, I’d wait. My personal observation and testimony of others here on the forum resoundingly indicate that everyone is amazed by the “plain vanilla” MKII.

Patience will be your friend.


In my case, since I was running a Purple Fuse in the Mk 1, that was my baseline, so I rolled it into my Mk 2 right off the bat…