Disappearing Posts

Thanks, Paul - hope you can light a fire under the guy.

I have had several posts disappear on me in the last couple days.


My sustained pain relates to the fact that I cannot attach files into my postings when using my iPad. I need to go to my stationairy computer every time to do this. Very annoying, indeed pulling-hair_gif

New forum weirdness: My profile picture changed from the default picture of a music note (which I liked) to what looks like a giant capital letter G on its side. What the heck?!?!???

Former default:FormerDefault.JPG

P.S. - Just FYI, I went to ‘Profile’, selected ‘Edit Avatar’, and then uploaded the screen clip to get that music note back.

SF said My profile picture changed from the default picture of a music note (which I liked) to what looks like a giant capital letter G on its side.
Very odd, indeed.

Same thing happened to me. Don’t like this big ugly thing.

Oddly enough, the music note still seems to be there for some other folks. Maybe those are people that haven’t logged in since whatever changed, so the system hasn’t replaced their avatar yet. Just guessing.

The sideways G is the symbol of Gravatar.com. They provide an avatar service so that your chosen avatar travels with you from site to site.

The PS Audio forum looks first to avatars you upload, than to Gravatar (globally recognized avatar), then to forum default. My guess is that the forum is now loading the default Gravatar.com avatar if you have not uploaded a custom avatar. Previously, the forum uploaded its own default (the eighth note) if you did not upload your own. I do not have a hypothesis as to why this changed.

I suggest going in and up loading your own avatar. This could be the former forum default if you would like - which SF nicely posted above.

I have figured this problem out and reset it. If you see the big Gravatar symbol for your avatar, go into your profile page, avatar, and click on reset avatar. Seems the forums cache the avatars and after I fixed the problem, the cache has to be reset for each person. Klunky.

Here is my issue some jerk keeps editing my posts. Enough of this already.

To whom ever it is kiss my ass

good by

I would not be so certain anyone is doing something to your posts. There are some quirks in the software (examples are above) that create some odd results on occasion.

What exactly have you experienced?

1234, is that you Al? Haven’t noticed 1234 before yet it has 1212 posts!


Hmmmmmm… could be. I would expect more of, like, q234 or maybe 12brk4.

1 342?

1 34?



It is Al. Of course.

I have no idea what he is complaining about, but something odd may occasionally be happening to his posts. Thus, my question.

Once again, I predict he will be back.

Maybe under yet another name. Or number. Or symbol.


It can’t be Al, the spelling and grammar is too good. well, except for the good by[e].

Is that you Baldino?

Review his posts. You will quickly recognize the style, if his above approach to “leaving” is insufficient to convince you.

Again, he will return - just as offended as ever.

(By the way, he routinely monitors the forum after declaring his departures - having been on today just a couple of hours ago. It is all part of the ritual.)

Yep, nothing new here. It gets quiet for a while, then he comes in with his interesting, often challenging to read and occasionally all but indecipherable posts.

Well, we will just have to keep things going until he returns. :-)


Elk said It is all part of the ritual.)
Wasn't it another ritual that he was initially complaining about?

Al has been around here for a long time and never, to my memory, in this mode.

We are all good folks around here and even good folks go through times where a good hug rather than sarcasm from fellow inmates might be appropriate. Let’s send Al some love and hopefully get him back on stream. I miss his cryptograms.