Discourse dark mode

Please enable dark mode in Discourse software. This will allow browsers and devices with dark mode enabled to display the site properly and natively in dark mode


That’s nice. What on earth is Discourse?

The software that is this forum

Great find. I second the request.

I third this request.

@Paul - l fourth it. Blindingly, battery-suckingly white ; )

Add me to the request list. I no longer want to see the light.

I have added two dark themes, Dark (the default dark theme) and Vincent (very popular).

I believe they are now accessible to everyone by going to your settings (Preferences --> Interface) and look for “Theme” at the top of the options (you should find it currently set to “PS Audio”).

You may need to refresh your load of the forum for the option to appear in your preferences menu.

Please try this and let me know if the themes are there.


I find no “Interface” option under Preferences?

Very odd.

Under Preferences, do you see other major categories of options such as:


(This is a partial list.)

I can enable dark mode for you if you would like.

Cool! Thanks, Elk.

On iOS:

Tap your icon upper right, tap your “handle”, tap “preferences”, and Interface is at the bottom of the list over on the left side. Choose Theme pulldown menu item - Dark or Vincent, scroll to bottom and save changes.

  • Realized I’m revealing my iPad bias by writing “tap”. You can prolly “click” as well ; )

Thank you, Mr. Bad.

I take it both dark options work for you? If so, do they look as you had hoped?

They both work. Rocking Vincent, just to be Different. Though it is a kind of odd mix of Dark and…something else. Why “Vincent”? Anything vaguely artsy made these coders feel like Van Gogh?

Hadn’t really thought about how it looks, so had no hopes other than not being blinded, and not having to turn my iPad brightness down when using the Forum. So they are an improvement. Easier on the eyes and battery.

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Badbeef’s comments led the way. I suppose I am not savvy or curious enough about clicking{tapping} around on web pages. Thanks to you both!

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Admittedly can be a Waste of Life, for sure. But I have a lifelong fascination with tapping on stuff and having stuff happen. That started (and continues) with musical keyboards and fretboards, and morphed on into computers and such.

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Thanks, Bad. I needed some Beta testers to make sure I got it right.

I have no idea why “Vincent.”

@lazbisme I take it you are all set now?

Maybe they are Don MacLean fans:

Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and grey

  • “Vincent”

Yep! thank again guys!

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Excellent! Thank you for letting me know.

I got Dark Mode on my Windows 7 with Chrome. I couldn’t do it by selecting Preferences from My PS, I had to click on my username and then select Preferences (and remember to save the change). Dan.