Display on SGCD not lighting up

Hey guys, just hooked my new Maggie LRS’s up to my system and, while it works, the display on the SGCD is not lighting up. Just dark. I didn’t touch it during the connection of the Maggies. Did I do something to cause this? I have played with the “dim” button on the remote. Nothing makes it light up. can’t see what input I’m on or if I’ve messed with any settings.(like the balance) The SGCD is only about 2 months old…

All joking aside, call TJ in Customer Support.

Sorry the display isn’t lighting up. If you power cycle the unit with the rear switch, does it come on at all? If not, give TJ a buzz later today.


I’m back up! TJ walked me through a factory reset and now it’s fine. Outstanding PS audio CS comes through again. Thanks TJ!