DMP 3.09 firmware released


Nope. Zero. I’m beginning to believe on empirical data only that it might be due in part to the cables different folks are using and cleaning the HDMI connections periodically as one would with any other connection. Pure conjecture on my part but one of the many possible variables


Not all SACDs do this. The Peter Gabriel SACDs seem to be the most obvious offenders in my library. Ted has written about this several times:


Now this is really weird…
I changed CD on my DMP and the artist of the previous CD (Alt-J) is being associated with the track playing on the new CD. The current CD is correctly showing the album title and track name (Bhudda Bar XIV “Umma”), but it is being wrongly associated with the artist from the previous CD.

And what’s more…the track names being displayed on the DMP are correct, but when I go to MyPS>Playlist for this title the track names are all wrong. Every one of them. How can DMP display track names correctly, but MyPS>Playlist does not?

We’re almost at the 2 year anniversary now, right?


Not weird at all on my DMP. Mine has done the same thing many times since installing 3.09.


And the time stamps on MyPS>Playlist are wrong by -2 hrs with the correct time zone set (and I have been complaining about that for YEARS).


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I noticed an old issue I had at one time, which seems to have come back. When playing the SACD Carmina Burana, I’m hearing weird distortions during certain passages. Plan on updating to 3.10 tomorrow, and hope that that solves the issue.


Are the distortions repeatable, or random?


They are repeatable.