DMP Firmware upgrade 3.06 released

New public release, 3.06, is now available for download and upgrade on the download site. We will try and have another release to continue addressing the items known to us in future releases. For now, this is the best we’ve ever had for DMP.


Version: 3.06
Date: August 13, 2018 File: DMP00306.hex


Multiple User Interface and general performance improvements and bug fixes. Improved handling of USB and data discs.

Fixed Issues

  • Number pad on remote not working to select a specific track

  • Play after fast forward resumes play at beginning of track

  • Skip to next/previous track doesn’t work when fast-forwarding/rewinding

  • Tray does not close when unit put in standby

Known Issues

  • Album artwork sometimes does not display

  • Number pad on remote not working to select a specific track

  • USB and data discs will only play files in the root directory. Sub-directories are ignored.


Please clarify which category this issue belongs as it is listed under BOTH the “Fixed Issues” and “Known Issues”:

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Just loaded 3.06. Installed effortlessly . I rebooted twice just like I do with my DS. Confused; "number pad on remote not working, etc. because it works fine on my DMP. Reads TOC in next to no time. Everything I have tried thus far ( only installed 10 mins ago ) works as it should. I will explore in depth tomorrow as it late here in Scotland. Sounds bloody good as well !! As it stands a “BIG” step forward… Well - done…

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Just loaded my 3.06 and it loaded effortlessly. My number pad seems to be working for the most part, I also tried the error testing. Results: if there are 12 tracks on the CD and you input 13, the DMP will register the last digit (2). So it will default to 12. The same thing when I’m at track 11 and input 13, the 2nd digit stays at (1). There should be an indication of NA momentarily, then default to where you are presently. In this case, it should stay at 11 or 12 track. The rest of the fixed issues seemed to work fine.

Thank you Paul. Does this update effect sound quality?

RonP - yes - “general performance improvements” could mean a lot of things. Thanks for asking a specific SQ question I was thinking.

A few of the discs I have that will no longer play are in a sub directory structure. Many are not. The above might be AN issue relative to data disc playback but it is NOT the only issue.

I understand this is a time consuming and iterative process. TBH though, I am past frustrated and frankly pretty unhappy that comments I have made about this have not been addressed or even replied to and I communicated both online and offline about this even offering to send some of the discs to Boulder if need be. I am sure Paul/PSA is very frustrated with how the DMP software issue has played out. At the same time though, I believe no one wants to address the fact that while the new release seems to be an improvement in many areas, the new release is a step backwards in how it handles data discs.

My wife would tell you I am a cockeyed pessimist. That’s probably true. I could be dead wrong, but my feeling is that the entirety of the software issues with the DMP will never be fully remedied. You can say that’s a crappy outlook to have but afterall it has been more than two years. I hope I’m wrong but I’m close to out of patience.

Yes. It seems to be better. Perhaps by a lot. As Barry slicked up the code and removed the clutter of loops and dead end streets that had been a part of the old code, the processors seem to be happier and that clearer, cleaner path, seems to have relaxed the processor demands enough to impact sound quality in a positive manner.

The issue of sub directories has not been ignored nor have your comments. What Barry did was to divide the tasks into groups of importance to be fixed in order. Sub directories on data discs were not as important to fix in our opinion as were the bigger items like play, pause and the time it takes to read the TOC which have been permanently fixed in splendid fashion.

Barry will now dig into the deeper issues of sub directories and tick off remaining items on our list. I know it’s frustrating to have to wait and I do apologize.


Thanks Paul. It’s been a very frustrating expereince for many of us, I know yourself included.

Sometimes I wish the DMP didn’t sound so good. It would have been easier to move on from it. The sound quality makes it hard for me to turn my back on it. It’s like a beautiful woman with a rotten disposition.

I’m surprised more people don’t play data discs on it. From the paucity of comments I am clearly part of a small group that do. Hopefully this gets worked out soon.

ihmeyers - thanks for testing data discs and the DMP. Since I have a NAS and streaming CAT7 Ethernet and that approach sounds amazing through the PSA DSD DAC; never thought of using data discs. I have 100+ blank discs from back in the day, just never thought of using the DMP that way.

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Just installed. It works great. And I believe I can hear an improvement in sq when playing sacd disks.
It’s much quicker and more responsive.

I’ve got about 200 data discs I play with the DMP. Everything from hires music that was given to me to files I purchased from Acoustic Sounds to soundboard bootlegs I’ve found on the 'net. They all played without issue on the PWT and fine on the DMP (when I traded up to it) until the release of the new code. Now most of them won’t play, the screen just displays DATA, no track names. It’s why I am kicking around the idea of buying a server.

I feel I’ve read most of the commentary out there and I’ve heard everything from it will be better than the DMP to it will be close to as good as the DMP to it will be significantly worse than the DMP. I know that depends upon the server and the DAC but I was talking about an Aurender or Lumin going into the DSD which are near state of the art in their respective categories. What do you use and how is the sound quality compared to DMP? Thanks.

We will. Promise. We’ll get it straightened out to the best degree possible under the circumstances. I know that sounds like lawyer bullshit and I don’t mean It to. Just what’s possible.

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RonP - So I brought out my sacd last evening and it sounded great. I have only had my PSA system for a few months and can just say it sounded great! Man that DMP is amazing. ihmeyers hit it on the head - the SQ is so good you will put up with all the drama because even if she has a rotten disposition, she is beautiful. The CAT7 Ethernet streaming is amazing through the PSA DSD DAC through the bridge II. I think I may just jump the shark for the bridge III if it sounds better. No matter what source I use, the PSA stuff just blows me away… keep it coming Paul and the VHDL audio equipment is the way to go! After the SF Guareni Evolution speakers, I have to listen to the new PSA mid range speakers.

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I thought with firmware updates on the DirectStream DAC, they needed to be installed on a “regular” SD card, that it wouldn’t take an SDHC or SDXC card type. Is this the same for the DirectStream transport?

BTW, that’s one of the reasons I purchase a card from PS Audio, if that’ll be made available for the transport, I’d like to purchase that…so I know I’ve got the correct type of SD card.

Stating the problem is vastly different from whining! PLEASE NO WHINING!!!

So this will be the first time I’ll be downloading and installing a firmware update onto an SD card. I did have to re-install the firmware shortly after I purchased the DMP and DAC jr, because it was corrupted, but PS Audio was kind enough to send me an SD card and USB drive with the firmware already installed on it. Please note I"m using a Mac computer. So my question is, when I download the new firmware, do I have to delete the older firmware that is on the SD card before installing the new firmware?

The DMP cost me $6k. It’s been 2+ years and it still doesn’t perform as would be expected. The latest fix rolled back functionality it had previously. I have a right to bitch. I do appreciate Paul’s reply but I’ve got legit gripes.

And no one asked you.

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With the new upgrade, dsd files are no longer being played on any of my SACD discs. Anyone else having the same problem?